Palestinian Supporters Protest Outside White House: Biden Wears Mask Made of Barbed Wire, Expresses Concern over Children Killed in Gaza

Protests Erupt Outside the White House Over Israeli Attacks in Gaza

On Saturday, supporters of Palestine staged a demonstration outside the White House amid the Israeli attacks in Gaza. People were seen wearing Hamas headbands and waving Palestinian flags. Amidst the protest, one person was observed wearing a mask of President Biden, which appeared to be made of iron.

Opposition from the protesters was evident as they even set fire to the American flag. Many banners and posters were also held by the crowd. Allegations of Biden’s biased stance in the ongoing conflict were vocalized. Demonstrators shouted slogans in support of a free Palestine, expressing concern for the children in Gaza who continue to suffer due to bombings.

Additionally, protesters targeted the National Park Service Rangers by hurling objects at them. This escalated into vandalism of established monuments. They demanded an end to American support for Israel. In response, security was heightened around the White House to contain the opposition.

Biden on Overseas Trip Amid Ongoing Protests in the U.S.

While demonstrations continue outside the White House, President Biden is set to meet with the French government in France over the next four days. Beyond this, Biden, alongside Putin and Jinping, commemorated the 80th anniversary of D-Day with related events in France.

Protests have been ongoing in various parts of the United States over the past eight months amid the Israel-Hamas conflict. In April, students from 50 universities across America protested for a month. They even occupied Hamilton Building at the University of California.

However, police managed to evacuate the building within two hours amidst a police crackdown on demonstrators, resulting in the arrest of over 2,000 people. Nearly a week earlier, Palestinian supporters had occupied a museum in New York.

The protesters demanded an end to American support for Israel in the conflict. Furthermore, universities are urged to divest from companies that profit from Israel. New York University students demanded the closure of the university’s Tel Aviv campus as Palestinian students are not allowed entry.

Anti-Israel Protesters Occupy Brooklyn Museum

Anti-Israel demonstrators seized control of the Brooklyn Museum, hanging a banner reading ‘Free Palestine’. Following their attempt to vandalize the museum, they also engaged in altercations with the staff. On the same day, police arrested 114 individuals involved in various protest activities across different locations.

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