Justice Day in Agnikand: Rajkot’s Unheard Cries of Corruption Exposed Amidst Fasting Vigil with Congress and Affected Families

Congress Launches 72-Hour Protest Demanding Justice for Rajkot TRP Fire Victims

In response to the tragic incident at the Rajkot TRP fire, where lives were lost, the Congress party has initiated a 72-hour protest demanding justice for the affected families. The protest began yesterday with Congress leaders leading the way. Today, as part of their demonstration, they joined the hunger strike at Trikon Baug, where families of the victims also participated. Slogans such as “No more corruption in the name of Rajkot’s aspirations” and “Scandals after scandals in BJP government” echoed during the protest. The father of one of the youths who lost his life in the fire also succumbed today due to the trauma, intensifying the anger directed towards the government.

Drama Unfolds as SIT Investigates Rajkot TRP Incident

The Rajkot TRP fire incident has sparked a political storm, with Congress initiating a 72-hour protest demanding justice for the victims’ families. Jignesh Mevani, a Vadgam MLA, informed Divya Bhaskar that on the second day of fasting, water from the Nimbaher reservoir has not been released as promised. Unlike before, when Vijay Rupani was made CM by the people of Rajkot, the current Chief Minister, Bhupendra Patel, seems indifferent, having only a brief 15-20 minute meeting before leaving without addressing the concerns of the affected families. BJP leaders, too, have not been seen extending help to the victims, and there’s a growing sentiment that the SIT investigation is just a sham.

Demand for Impartial Officials to Lead Investigation

Amidst the tragedy, questions arise regarding the involvement of petrol in the incident and who is accountable. Discussions about caste and community affiliations are surfacing. There’s no clarity on where the investigation stands and what direction it will take. No significant progress has been made even in identifying the main culprit. There’s also skepticism about the formation of a non-corrupt SIT. If a fair investigation is not conducted, similar incidents as in Morbi and Takshashila might occur in Rajkot as well. The efforts are being led by Congress, demanding impartial officials to lead the investigation. They are calling for the investigation to be handed over to non-corrupt officials.

Father Passes Away Following Son’s Tragic Death in Fire Incident

Today, the father of a boy who went missing in the fire incident succumbed to injuries sustained in the tragedy. The state government has only offered a compensation of 4 lakh rupees, while in other states, the compensation amount is higher, reaching up to 5 lakh rupees in similar incidents. Despite media revelations, there has been no progress in the investigation. Corporate leaders and the standing chairman have not taken any action. It’s high time that victims receive a compensation of 1 crore rupees and an impartial investigation is conducted.

After the death of his son, the father decided to fast unto death. Gayatriba Vaghela, the Pradesh Congress Vice President, expressed deep sorrow for all the families affected by the TRP fire incident. Additionally, yesterday, another family that had come here suffered another death, as Vishvarajsinh Jadeja, the father of a missing boy in the fire, passed away. Following his son’s death, he had been fasting for the past 15 days and today, tragically, he breathed his last. Unfortunately, even the state’s reservoirs have not been able to offer any solace during these trying times.

Inquiry Into Suspicion

Even the officials entrusted with the investigation by the government are under suspicion, and our specific demand is to assign this investigation to independent authorities to ensure justice for the victims. The 72-hour fast will be completed soon. However, even after that, the Congress initiative does not intend to compromise in this matter and various programs will be organized. Wordvise will also join hands with Congress to ensure justice for the victims of the fire incident through constant efforts.

Lives of Many Innocents Devastated in Fire Tragedy

It is noteworthy that many innocent lives have been shattered in the tragic fire incident in Rajkot. Today, the Rajkot city Congress committee and the Rajkot district Congress committee are at the forefront to seek justice for the families affected by the TRP Games Zone incident. Every day, activists from NSUI and Youth Congress, along with Congress leaders, gather in hunger strikes at Trikon Baug. Victims’ families and the citizens of Rajkot stand together to demand justice for the fire victims and ensure that the tragedy does not go unnoticed. Various demands, along with fasting and demonstrations, have been organized to keep the incident alive.

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