Shweta Shah: Feeding 150 Hungry Souls in Vadodara, Witnessing Women’s Pain, Unable to Act

The narrative unfolds with poignant depth as a woman shares her life journey marked by poignant absence and profound resilience. She recounts, “I have never seen my parents, nor have I met my maternal uncle. It doesn’t even register. I was brought up in a government hostel, and my education took place in a government school.” Amidst the routine of her upbringing, she often witnessed other children being reunited with their parents, a sight that stirred unknown emotions within her. She pondered over the identity of her own parents, wondering if they would remember her or not.

Days turned into years, and she found herself dwelling on the streets for many days. During that time, she encountered numerous experiences, both good and bad. Employment opportunities were scarce, and hunger became a constant companion. She felt increasingly disheartened, especially when confronted with the sight of other women being harassed, yet powerless to intervene. She lamented her inability to do anything significant.

However, amidst the despair, a flicker of hope emerged. She resolved, “I felt that I could do something for people like me.” Though uncertain of what that something might entail, she now fervently seeks an opportunity to contribute. Her journey embodies the resilience of the human spirit, illuminating the potential for service and kindness, even in the face of adversity.

Vadodara’s Shwetaben Shah: A Beacon of Compassion on International Women’s Day

Today, on March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day, commemorating the struggles and triumphs of women worldwide. On this day, we narrate the inspiring story of Shwetaben Shah, a woman who epitomizes resilience and compassion. Currently, she serves as a beacon of hope for 150 helpless elderly individuals, akin to parents, on the streets of Vadodara.

Once destitute and hungry, Shwetaben Shah now fills the bellies of 150 elderly individuals with the warmth of maternal care at a Matrivatsalya center. Her journey from homelessness to service is a testament to the strength and determination of women. On this International Women’s Day, let us honor Shwetaben Shah and countless other women like her, who tirelessly work to uplift and empower those in need.

More than 150 people are served daily by Nishay.

Shwetaben Shah: A Journey of Service and Gratitude

Shwetaben Shah, associated with Vadodara’s Shravan Seva Foundation, reflects on her life journey, recalling a past where she once resided in a government hostel, disconnected from her family. Though she vaguely remembers an uncle from her childhood, she cannot recall the last time she saw him. Witnessing the familial bonds between women and their parents often left her longing for her own.

Life’s challenges led her to spend days on the streets, grappling with poverty and uncertainty. Amidst this struggle, she stumbled upon the Shravan Seva Foundation, which extended a lifeline of support. Connecting with them, she found herself drawn to their mission of serving the helpless elderly on the streets.

Her association with the foundation has become a beacon of purpose and gratitude in her life. She acknowledges the foundation’s role in providing her with a meaningful avenue for service. Grateful for the opportunity to contribute, she holds the foundation in the highest regard for their dedication to serving the needy elderly.

Shwetaben cooks and packs with her own hands.

Everyday Reflections: Making Lives Better

Each morning, as I rise, the question lingers: “How can I make today better?” My daily endeavor revolves around overseeing the meal services for about 200 needy individuals. Ensuring they receive delicious meals regularly and swiftly addressing any concerns that may arise forms the essence of my daily efforts.

The first thought that crosses my mind upon waking is: “How can we improve the lives of the helpless elderly today?” Alongside this, I also oversee the “Pad Safe” program initiated by the Shravan Seva Foundation, catering to the needs of women who spend their lives on the streets. This program provides sanitary pads to 55 women every month during the first week, ensuring they have a secure option during menstruation.

Through these initiatives, we strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it the most. It’s a reminder that even small actions can have a profound impact on the well-being and dignity of individuals in our community. As each day unfolds, our commitment to serving the vulnerable only grows stronger, fueled by the belief that every effort counts towards building a more compassionate society.

Finding My Parents in Serving the Helpless Elderly

Shwetaben shares a profound revelation from her childhood, recalling the days when she attended school and watched other children meet their parents. Those moments would deeply sadden her, sparking endless questions about her own parents’ whereabouts and their well-being. She wondered if they would remember her, if they even existed.

For a long time, these questions lingered, woven into the fabric of her life. However, now she finds solace in serving the helpless elderly. It is through this service that she feels she is finally seeing her parents. She dedicates herself to caring for the elderly with the same devotion she would have shown to her own parents.

In serving the needy elderly, she feels a profound connection to her true parents, finding a sense of fulfillment and purpose in this act of service. It’s a journey of healing and reconciliation, where the love and care she offers to the elderly reflect the love she holds for her imagined parents.

Shwetaben Shah.

Consistent Care and Attention: A Routine for the Elderly

Nirav Thakkar from Shravan Seva Foundation highlights the meticulous attention given to menu planning, especially for Shwetaben, a member under their care. The foundation ensures that delicious meals are served to the needy elderly every 15 days, with the menu repeating accordingly. Over the past few months, a particular dish has been repeated every 15 days, a schedule carefully organized by the team. 

Additionally, every three days, the elderly also receive sweets and snacks, another aspect carefully overseen by the team. Shwetaben, akin to caring for her own parents, diligently serves the elderly in need, who are fortunate to receive her care. They eagerly await her presence daily, being the first to rise and the last to retire in her commitment to their well-being.

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