Harnessing Women Power: Country’s Sole Plant for SUV Manufacturing to Quality Checks

In a remarkable shift from traditional gender norms, women have taken charge at a car manufacturing plant, challenging stereotypes and reshaping the landscape of the industry. Initially met with skepticism, the idea of women fitting tires seemed implausible to many. However, Bhavani’s perseverance defied all odds. On her first day, she fitted pads in 100 cars, silencing doubters and paving the way for change. Undeterred, Bhavani surpassed expectations by fitting pads in 120 cars the next day. 

Today, she and countless other women work tirelessly at Tata Motors‘ Pune manufacturing plant, where they annually produce 75,000 SUVs, making it the sole plant in the nation where women actively engage in every step of the manufacturing process, from fitting tires to conducting quality checks. This paradigm shift not only empowers women but also underscores their invaluable contribution to the automotive sector’s growth and innovation in India.

Empowering Women: Setting New Benchmarks in Leadership

In the initial stages, people often brushed it off, saying, “Start with 150 first, then talk about 1500.” Vice President H.R. Sitaram Kandi remarked that the idea for Check Republic struck him when he witnessed a young woman single-handedly emptying a truck filled with car bumpers. This notion emerged during the COVID era, initiated through video calls. 

The discussions to kickstart this venture predominantly involved company personnel, who emphasized, “Begin with 150, then proceed to engage 1500 women.” This approach highlights a significant shift in mindset towards gender inclusivity and leadership, setting a new standard for empowerment and equality in society.

Empowering Women: A New Vision to Reach Higher Positions

Initially, the idea of empowering women with higher positions was merely a dream, but it soon evolved into a concrete goal. Women in expansion areas were specifically targeted by the company’s 4-5 teams in Maharashtra. A decision was made for 150 girls, all 12th pass-outs, to enter this field. 

Currently, they are determined and have the support of their families. They are pursuing diploma courses, aiming to reach higher positions within the company. For some, the dream is to become successful businesswomen, marking a significant step towards gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workforce.

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