Surat Wedding Destination: Crafting a Hub for Wedding Shopping, Textile Bourse, Dubai-like Gold Market, and Manufacturing Park

The government has initiated plans to develop Surat, Varanasi, Mumbai, and Visakhapatnam as global economic hubs akin to Dubai, Shanghai, and Singapore. The policy team from NITI Aayog has been consistently engaging with industrialists from Surat, emphasizing the city’s potential as a global economic hub and a wedding destination. 

Specifically, proposals for establishing a diamond bourse, textile bourse similar to Dubai’s gold market, manufacturing parks, and MSEME parks were presented by the NITI Aayog team to Surat’s industrialists. Additionally, the NITI Aayog proposed the establishment of a Skill Development Center, a permanent exhibition center, and bourses for the diamond and textile sectors.

Policy Proposals for Gems and Jewelry Industry: Plans for Vault near Airport, 300-Acre Skill Development Center

In a bid to enhance the gems and jewelry industry, several proposals have been put forth by the NITI Aayog:

  • Airport Vault: A plan to construct a vault for the storage of gems and jewelry near the airport. This vault aims to facilitate the safekeeping of valuable assets.
  • SEZ Expansion: Surat currently hosts a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) with a significant number of gems and jewelry units. The proposal suggests allocating space in new SEZs to expand gems and jewelry exports.
  • Gold Market: Similar to Dubai’s Gold Souk, a proposal has been made to establish a gold market in Surat. This centralized market will enable customers to explore a wide range of jewelry options in one location.
  • Jewelry Education Hub: To enhance skills and promote Surat’s jewelry designs globally, plans are underway to establish a Jewelry Education Hub. This initiative aims to nurture talent and support startups in the industry.
  • Vault: A vault dedicated to the storage of gems and jewelry will be constructed near the airport, aimed at bolstering security measures and facilitating trade operations.
  • Excellence Center: An excellence center, with state government support, will be established to further the gems and jewelry sector’s growth.
  • MSME Textile Park: A 500-acre MSME Textile Park will be developed to accommodate units and promote self-reliant manufacturing.
  • Machinery Manufacturing Park: The proposal includes setting up machinery manufacturing parks to reduce reliance on imported machinery and advance India’s self-reliance agenda.
  • Contract Manufacturing Plant: A 1,142-acre contract manufacturing park will be established to facilitate various companies in carrying out contract-based work efficiently.

These initiatives aim to elevate Surat’s gems and jewelry industry to global standards while fostering innovation and skill development within the sector.

Why Surat Will Become a Wedding Shopping Destination?

Surat is globally renowned for its diamond and textile industries. People from various states of the country come to Surat to purchase textiles for weddings. Surat’s diamonds are extensively used, especially in natural diamond settings. When it comes to wedding attire and diamonds, people flock to Surat as it offers a one-stop solution for all their needs. Recognizing this, the NITI Aayog has orchestrated a plan to establish Surat as a wedding destination.

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