Rajkot Leads in Issuance of Arms Licenses, Surpassing Ahmedabad

The number of individuals acquiring arms licenses in the state has witnessed a significant increase, with a majority citing personal hobbies and security concerns as reasons for obtaining firearm permits. In the past three years alone, a total of 2260 people have secured licenses for firearms. 

Amongst the cities, Rajkot leads the way with 342 licenses issued, followed by the bustling metropolis of Ahmedabad with 324 licenses. Surat recorded 212, Gandhinagar 207, and Junagadh 127 individuals who successfully obtained licenses during this period. This surge in applications underscores a growing trend of individuals seeking legal authorization for firearm possession, prompting a need for closer scrutiny and regulation to ensure the responsible use of weapons in the state.

Gujarat Witnesses a Rise in Issuance of Arms Licenses

In the state of Gujarat, the issuance of arms licenses has shown a notable increase over the past three fiscal years. The data reveals that in the fiscal year 2020-21, 733 licenses were issued, followed by 874 in 2021-22, and 653 in 2022-23. Apart from the seven major cities, Morbi saw 110 licenses, Mehsana 76, and Surendranagar district issued 68 licenses during this period. 

According to legislative assembly records, as of March 31, 2023, Ahmedabad leads with 5,963 individuals holding firearms licenses for self-defense purposes, followed by Rajkot city with 3188, Surat city with 2781, Dahod district with 2329, and Vadodara city with 1963 license holders. Noteworthy is the attention paid to self-preservation and addressing potential risks, reflected in the diverse backgrounds of individuals applying for firearms licenses. Furthermore, the tradition of keeping firearms for protection purposes has been prevalent in Surendranagar district for years.

In the Last 3 Years: Firearms Licenses Issued for Self-Defense

  1. Rajkot City: 342
  2. Ahmedabad City: 324
  3. Surat City: 212
  4. Gandhinagar: 207
  5. Junagadh: 127
  6. Vadodara City: 117
  7. Morbi District: 110
  8. Mehsana District: 76
  9. Surendranagar District: 68
  10. Jamnagar District: 59

Based on the grounds of self-preservation and potential risks:

  • In Dahod, 2329 individuals hold licenses.
  • In Vadodara, 1963 individuals possess permits.

City/District with the Highest Number of Firearms Holders in the State:

With the aim of protection, 6331 firearm permits have been issued in Gujarat. To mitigate losses in agricultural yields due to wildlife, as of March 31, 2023, a total of 6631 individuals have been granted firearm licenses. Over the past three years, the issuance of licenses for crop protection has declined. In 2020-21, 109 licenses were issued, followed by 104 in 2021-22, and a mere 29 in 2022-23.

City/District Number of License Holders

  1. Ahmedabad City: 5963
  2. Rajkot City: 3188
  3. Surat City: 2781
  4. Dahod District: 2329
  5. Vadodara City: 1963
  6. Bharuch District: 1783
  7. Jamnagar District: 1657
  8. Banaskantha District: 1461
  9. Surendranagar District: 1409
  10. Panchmahal District: 1146

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