Anant-Radhika’s Second Pre-Wedding Bash: Italian Start, South France Finale, 800 Guests, Cruise Extravaganza!

Mukesh Ambani’s younger son Anant’s another pre-wedding celebration has received a new update. For this celebration, 800 guests will be invited.New information reveals that the cruise ship will depart from an Italian city port and conclude its journey in South France. There will be a total of 600 staff on board to cater to the needs of the 800 guests.


  • The cruise ship will depart from Italy and conclude its journey in South France.
  • The journey will commence from May 28th to 30th. During this time, the cruise ship will cover a distance of 2365 nautical miles (4380 km).
  • A total of 800 guests will attend the function on the cruise ship.
  • 600 staff will be present on the cruise ship to oversee the needs of the 800 guests.

Another Pre-wedding Celebration between May 28th to 30th

This celebration will take place between May 28th to 30th. It will include special guests associated with the Ambani family. Entry is possible for three Khans from Bollywood, Bachchans, and Kapoor family. Besides, renowned personalities from the business world can also attend this cruise ship celebration.

For the first pre-wedding celebration, more than 1000 guests had arrived in Jamnagar. As for the wedding, it will take place in July at Mumbai’s Jio World Center.

Cruising through Europe’s Famous Cruise Ship Voyage

Many countries in Europe are connected by the sea. The UK, Italy, France, and Spain are interconnected via maritime routes. In such a scenario, cruise ship tourism is quite famous here. Ambani’s cruise ship will depart from Italy and conclude its journey in South France. South France is also famous for its attractive coastlines, beautiful beaches, and charming cities.

Cruise Tourism in Demand

Cruise ship tourism is increasingly popular here. People from far and wide come here to party on cruise ships. If someone wants to party on a regular cruise ship here, they’ll have to spend between 500 to 1000 dollars, roughly equivalent to about 84,000 rupees.

Renowned for Wine: Southern France

Southern France is renowned for its wine production. The wine produced here is famous both nationally and internationally. Southern France is also referred to as the French Riviera. Southern France holds great importance culturally, literarily, and historically. The famous city of Cannes is also located in Southern France. The Cannes Film Festival is held here every year, starting from May 14th this year.

Anant-Radhika’s Pre-Wedding Celebration in Jamnagar, Gujarat

Anant-Radhika’s pre-wedding function took place in Jamnagar, Gujarat. This function lasted for three days (from March 1st to March 3rd). According to reports, around 1200 crore rupees were spent on this pre-wedding function. Anant has a special connection with Jamnagar, so these events were organized in Reliance Township.

International Stars Rihanna and Akon Perform Here

Business, politics, and the world of Bollywood witnessed the presence of almost all major figures here. The Ambani family also organized a meal gathering for the local people, serving food to about 51,000 individuals, named “Annapurna Seva.”

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