Unique Birthday Surprise: Architect Creates Attractive Portrait of PM Modi Using 7200 Diamonds in Diamond City

On September 17th, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will celebrate his 73rd birthday. Since becoming Prime Minister, he has garnered a global following due to his efforts to elevate India on the world stage. In Surat, one of his admirers has created a portrait of him using 7200 jet diamonds. They hope to present this portrait to the Prime Minister as a token of their admiration.

Architect’s Special Wish to Meet Modi

Vipul Jepivala, a Surat-based architect-engineer, has developed a unique fascination for creating diverse portraits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Surat, known for its thriving industry, has seen Vipul create more than 9 portraits of the Prime Minister. His wish is to present these portraits to PM Modi as he celebrates his birthday in September. September 17th marks the Prime Minister’s birthday, celebrated not only in India but by Indians worldwide. The occasion has inspired many, including artists like Vipul, to express their admiration in unique ways.

Three Uses of 7200 Diamonds

Surat, known as the Diamond City worldwide, has a special place for diamonds. Vipul Jepivala, inspired by this diamond-rich city, embarked on a three-month journey to create a unique portrait of Prime Minister Modi. He utilized three different types of diamonds: white diamonds for the beard and hair, skin-colored diamonds for the face, and suit-colored diamonds for the attire. Using genuine diamonds, including the American diamond, this portrait showcases the creativity and artistry of Vipul.

Special Background Seat for Handling This Diamond

This diamond is meant to be handled with special care, given its elongated shape and unique qualities. It took three months to craft this portrait, and in this masterpiece, 7200 diamonds were meticulously placed. Vipul Jepivala, driven by his admiration for Prime Minister Modi, created this portrait as a gift for the Prime Minister’s 72nd birthday. If he cannot personally deliver it, he hopes to send this unique portrait as a token of his admiration and best wishes.

Niyati Rao

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