Empty Iscon Arcade: Shutters Down Of Angadia Firm in Ahmedabad, Offices Locked, CID Investigation Unveils Scandal

Recently, the CID wing of Ahmedabad zone had taken up a case of cricket betting. During its investigation, international hawala transactions were found, involving Angadia Firm operating in the Ahmedabad region. The CID Crime, along with other agencies, conducted raids on various Angadia Firm in different cities, including Ahmedabad, uncovering large sums of money and gold. A ground report on the current situation among the Angadia Firm in Ahmedabad was also filed by Divya Bhaskar. Scenes of deserted areas, even at the Iscon arcade, were captured.

Offices of Angadia Firm’ Leaders Shut Down

In the Iscon arcade on CG Road in Ahmedabad, offices of more than 20 Angadia Firm were located. Upon investigation of these offices, it was revealed that most of them were closed. Names of Angadia Firm leaders, including those from PM Enterprise and HM Angadia Firm, were found outside their offices, all of which were located in this complex. These offices were closed during the operation. Offices of Angadia Firm were found in Iscon arcade, and seals were seen on all offices.

Closure of Offices Following Raids

Following the operation, offices of Angadia Firm were closed. Both PM Enterprise and HM Angadia’s offices were shut down. No employees were found there. In the Iscon market, on every floor of three malls, offices of three to four Angadia Firm’ leaders were located, all of which were closed after the raid. Attempts were made by Divya Bhaskar to speak with owners and employees of some of these offices in the Iscon arcade, but they were unwilling to discuss the matter. It was also discovered that members of Angadia Firm within these offices were involved in extortion.

Angadia Firm’ Activities Affected by Elections

In areas like Ratanpol and Jhaveri Vada and Marconi Pole in the city, several Angadia Firm’ offices were found. During the investigation of these Angadia Firm, all offices were found to be open. Interaction between people from different Angadia Firm’ offices was observed. However, due to the enforcement of election rules, most of the major activities in these offices have either significantly reduced or completely stopped.

Losses Incurred by Angadia Firm’ Members Due to Elections

A condition set by a Angadia Firm for running an office was not to disclose the name, especially during election announcements. Due to this, many activities in these offices have significantly reduced or been completely shut down. As many transactions occur in cash, when someone does not reveal who paid the bill in a parcel, it becomes difficult to ascertain the information, resulting in losses for Angadia Firm’ members. As a result of election announcements, most major transactions have been halted.

Activity in Ratanpol and Surrounding Areas Stalled But Business Continues

The generations in Ratanpol and its surrounding areas have begun to decline in activity, yet they have indicated that these generations in the area are ongoing. These generations operate regularly. It’s not just about transactions. After the Lok Sabha elections, small activities gradually resumed. The generations from other places that come to the city are active. Some generations that have come under the name of enterprises and others have stopped. The work of diamond jewelers and other parcels that are sent has now slowly begun, whereas after the functioning of these trades, other generations, who send money abroad through hawala, are in turmoil.

Dubai Connection in Cricket Betting

Recently, the CID Crime Branch of the Ahmedabad zone had investigated a case of cricket betting. In this cricket betting case, it has been discovered that there is not just cricket betting, but also international hawala transactions involved. Moreover, players of online gaming from here used to receive money in Dubai through the hawala channels. Several accounts were found, which were dummy accounts used for cricket betting. During the investigation, significant details worth crores and lakhs of rupees, as well as foreign currency, have been uncovered. There is also a suspicion in this case that besides the generations, there could also be dealings in cryptocurrencies. Amidst the three-day raid, there is chaos in the complexes and shops of the CID Road in Ahmedabad city’s generations.

Operation Continues for Three Days

There was a joint raid by Income Tax and CID Crime. All records are being handed over to the Income Tax. Only about 10 people have been asked to inquire. Dummy bank accounts were found with online gaming apps. The operation of hawala work was being carried out based on these dummy bank accounts. Mobiles seized during the raid are sent to FSL. The operation of hawala continued uninterrupted for three days in all places. The further operation in this case will be carried out by the Income Tax Department.

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