Bomb Blast Threat in Multiple Delhi Hospitals: Schools and Airports also Targeted

In a disturbing turn of events, several hospitals in Delhi were targeted with bomb threats on Tuesday. According to reports, Deepchand & Brothers, Dada Dev, Hedgewar, and GTB Hospitals received threatening phone calls regarding potential bomb placements. This comes just days after two other hospitals had received similar threats.

Earlier in May, an email surfaced alleging that over 100 schools in Delhi-NCR were under threat of bombings. However, the police deemed this information as unsubstantiated. Authorities suspected that the perpetrators behind these threats might have used the dark web to send the email, making it challenging to trace them.

Prior to this, on Monday, schools in Lucknow and Jaipur, as well as airports nationwide, had also received bomb threats, adding to the growing concern over public safety.

Bomb Threats Grip India: A String of Alarming Incidents

The past six months have seen a disturbing surge in bomb alerts across India, with threats targeting various institutions multiple times.

May 13th: Bomb Threats Rattle Schools in Lucknow

May 13th: Bomb Threats Rattle Schools in Lucknow

On Monday morning, four schools in Lucknow received bomb threats. This included Gomtinagar’s Vibgyor, St. Mary’s, PGI, and Alambagh’s LPS schools. The management promptly declared holidays and evacuated students to ensure their safety. Parents were notified to pick up their children immediately. 

The Delhi Police Commissioner confirmed that all schools underwent thorough inspections, yet no suspicious items were found. All threats originated from a single email ID, complicating the identification of the perpetrators. Cyber experts, ATS, and police teams are actively investigating, with assistance sought from the NIA.

May 13th: 56 Schools Targeted in Jaipur

May 13th: 56 Schools Targeted in Jaipur

On the same day, 56 schools in Jaipur received similar threatening emails, prompting authorities to swiftly empty all premises.

May 12th: Bomb Threats Plague 13 Airports

A significant escalation occurred on May 12th when numerous airports nationwide, including those in Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Jammu, Lucknow, Patna, Agartala, Aurangabad, Bagdogra, Bhopal, and Kolkata, were targeted with bomb threats via email. 

The message warned of potential explosions within a few hours unless bombs were diffused, raising alarm among innocent travelers. Security was immediately heightened, but no suspicious items were found upon extensive checks.

May 1st: 100 Schools in Delhi-NCR Under Threat

On May 1st, around 100 schools in Delhi-NCR received emails threatening bomb placements. Prompt action by the police, bomb disposal squads, fire engines, and ambulances ensured the safe evacuation of all schools. 

However, no explosive materials were discovered. Investigations revealed that all threats stemmed from a single email received at 5:36 AM from the email address

December 1st, 2023: 48 Schools Targeted in Bengaluru

December 1st, 2023: 48 Schools Targeted in Bengaluru

In a previous incident, 48 private schools in Bengaluru, Karnataka, received bomb threats via email on December 1st, 2023. The threat prompted a coordinated search operation, leading to the evacuation of students and staff from all schools.

These recurring incidents underscore the urgent need for robust security measures and efficient law enforcement to safeguard public institutions and maintain public safety.

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