Gujarat School Bomb Threat: Ahmedabad Crime Branch Links Emails to Pakistan, Suspects Election Disruption

In Gujarat, on the day preceding the Lok Sabha elections, which is on the 6th of May, threats were received via email at 36 schools in Ahmedabad, threatening to bomb them. Police conducted checks at the threatened schools, and bomb disposal squads also inspected the premises. However, no evidence was found during the inspections. It’s claimed that these threats originated from Pakistan, similar to a previous case involving a Russian domain.

High-Profile Visit for Polling Day

It was announced by the police that on the polling day, the 7th of May, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah were scheduled to cast their votes in Ahmedabad city. After bomb threats were received via email at 36 schools in the city, security checks intensified. The Cyber Crime Cell, BDDS, and other teams conducted thorough checks, ensuring the safety of the polling process.

Online School List Search

During the investigation, it was found that the threatening emails originated from the domain. Individuals using aliases attempted to influence the electoral process and spread fear and rumors among voters and Indian citizens. Consequently, a search was conducted for all schools online, and threatening emails were found to have been sent to them.

Identification of Another Suspect: Hamad Javaid

Another individual, using the alias Hamad Javaid, was found to have engaged in various forms of communication on social media platforms like ICQ, Snapchat, Twitter, and Roblex. Further investigation revealed that after using the alias Liyakat, the suspect switched to another alias, Hamad Javaid. Investigations are underway by various agencies, including the State IB, ATS, Central IB, NTRO & RAW.

Central Agencies to Assist

Following the receipt of threatening emails at schools in Delhi and Gujarat, separate investigations were initiated by various agencies. Especially in Ahmedabad, after more than 28 schools received bomb threats, it was revealed before the investigations that the emails originated from a Russian domain. More assistance is sought from central agencies in this case.

Another Suspect Emerges: Hamad Javaid

The Crime Branch SP Sharad Singhal stated that emails were received at 36 schools in the city, prompting investigations. Since no suspicious items were found during the inspections, the threat of fearmongering among voters seems to be the primary objective. The case is now under scrutiny by social media and technical teams, with various agencies conducting investigations and revealing details of the involvement of a suspect operating from Faisalabad, Pakistan, under the name Hamad Javaid. Another name has also surfaced across different social media platforms. The investigation also revealed that the email originated from the domain. There have been no communications with Delhi agencies yet, and the fear instilled among voters in Gujarat seems to be the primary focus. The involvement of a Russian domain in this case has brought more attention, and further investigations are underway with the assistance of various agencies.

Some school in Ahmedabad received a threatening e-mail

School Name
ONGC Kendriya Vidyalaya Chandkheda Zone-2
Asia English School Vastrapur Zone-1
Amrita Vidyalaya Ghatlodia Zone-1
Calorex School Ghatlodia Zone-1
New Noble School Vyaswadi, Naroda
DPS, Bhopal
Anand Niketan, Satellite
Udgam School
Zaber School
Army Cantonment (Central College), Airport Road
HBK School
Turf School, Naranpura
Kumkum Vidyalaya, Ghodasar
Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sabarmati
Greenlawns School, Batwa
Global International, Bhopal
LDR International School, Bhopal
Tripada School, Ghatlodia
James Genenis School, Gotha
Sabarmati Girls’ College, Sabarmati
Swaminarayan Vidyalaya, Maninagar
Vidyanagar Primary School, Bapunagar

Now, a Pakistan Connection Detected while Email Scanning

During the email scanning, the Ahmedabad Crime Branch has found a connection with Pakistan. This means this email originated from Pakistan, as informed by the Crime Branch. Although there’s no direct involvement of ISI mentioned, Ahmedabad Crime Branch suspects that both emails having the same domain from Delhi and Gujarat might have originated from Pakistan. Further investigation by the probing agency might require assistance from central agencies, and more details will emerge soon.

Bomb Threats Received in Hindi Language

Emails received in Ahmedabad and Delhi were from a Russian domain but had different email IDs. Subsequently, the Ahmedabad police initiated an investigation. On the next day of elections, over 28 schools in Ahmedabad received threatening emails. The bomb threats were in Hindi, while the messages were in English script. Each school received a similar email at 6 AM. The content of emails received by Ahmedabad schools was similar to those received by Delhi schools.

Schools Received Email Content…

The email was sent under the name of Tauhid Warrior, and schools started receiving messages one after another at 7 in the morning. The threatening emails mentioned the planting of bombs in schools. 14 schools underwent checking with dog squads and bomb squads. However, no explosives were found. The threat of a bomb scare seems to be just a rumor.

Nothing Found in Checking

According to Joint Police Commissioner Sharad Singhal of the Crime Branch, on the 6th of May, threatening emails were received from the Russian domain to 12 schools in Ahmedabad city and 4 rural schools. The threats in the email suggested bomb blasts in schools. The police checked 14 schools with dog squads and bomb squads, but nothing suspicious was found. A similar email was received in Delhi earlier, but nothing alarming was discovered. Citizens, parents, students, and teachers need not worry. If you have any concerns, you can inform us.

Threats Also Received 10 Days Ago in Delhi

Nearly 100 schools in Delhi-NCR received bomb threats via email about 10 days ago. According to Delhi Police, these threats were also received via email, around 6 AM. Delhi Police, bomb disposal squads, fire tenders, and ambulances were dispatched to all schools. Even the email senders were being traced. Approximately 60 schools were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

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