Passenger Robbed Driver in Ahmedabad: Passenger Refuses To Give Fair And Tears Clothes Of Rickshaw Driver

In Ahmedabad, lawlessness and disorder are rampant. Incidents of looting and theft have become public. Recently, a passenger assaulted a rickshaw driver to rob him. The police have recorded the incident. The passenger, after boarding the rickshaw, asked the driver to take him to his destination. When asked for the fare, the passenger replied, “I’m going to Dubai.” The driver, not taking it as a joke, demanded the fare. Consequently, the passenger and his accomplices beat the rickshaw driver, looted his mobile phone, and fled with cash.

Passenger: “I’m going to Dubai”

According to reports, Ashraf Ali Ansari, who resides in Gomtipur, drives a rickshaw to support his family. He filed a complaint at Kagdapith Police Station stating that yesterday, around 1:15 am, he picked up a passenger from Sarangpur Circle to Shah Alam Toll. Near S.T. Geeta Mandir crossroads, another passenger boarded the rickshaw. When he tried to drop the first passenger, he refused to pay the fare, claiming he was going to Dubai.

Physical Assault

I attempted to lower the passenger and refused to accept the fare, but he blatantly refused, which left me in a state of shock. Amidst our discussion, he suddenly became aggressive and started hitting me, demanding money. When I tried to defend myself, suddenly, from nowhere, two individuals appeared and started beating me, leading to injuries on my head and body. Among them, one person threw a stone at me, causing me injuries on my head. Amidst this, two passersby, Umair Khan and Haider Khan Pathan, came to my rescue. I also faced physical assault and was hit on the head with a stick. I suffered injuries on my feet and back.

Tearing Clothes and Robbery

I was subjected to tearing clothes and given physical assault. During this incident, Umair Khan, who came to rescue me, was apprehended. These unknown individuals robbed my mobile phone and wallet, containing Rs. 1700, and my brother’s mobile phone and Rs. 3100, totaling Rs. 4800, and tore my clothes, inflicting injuries. Umair Khan also had his clothes torn. Amidst chaos, these unknown individuals fled the scene.

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