Outrage at Airport: Karnisena Workers Protest After Policeman Removes Raj Shekhawat’s Turban

Amidst the controversial statement made by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Purushottam Rupala, the Kshatriya community has been organizing protests and demonstrations against him. Today, Raj Shekhawat, the president of the Gujarat Kshatriya Sena, has announced plans to join the protests with saffron flags and strong slogans. Raj Shekhawat arrived at Ahmedabad airport from Jaipur. He was being closely watched here. Later, during an encounter with the Crime Branch team, there was a confrontation with Raj Shekhawat. Amidst the confrontation, there was a heated exchange with the police personnel, and they became angry and started arguing.

Raj Shekhawat has been taken into custody for cybercrime. As members of the Karni Sena gather in protest, security has been heightened by closing the gates of the cybercrime office. Anger erupted among Karni Sena workers when Raj Shekhawat’s turban was removed by a police officer at the airport. Some Karni Sena activists were heard making derogatory remarks against the police. There were also heated exchanges between the police and the activists. One activist stated that if his turban is removed, it is equivalent to the end of his life. Police have removed Raj Shekhawat’s turban, and now the Kshatriya community is demanding answers. Karni Sena activists, in an attempt to negotiate, have met with the cybercrime department to meet Raj Shekhawat. Police have kept Karni Sena activists away from the cybercrime office.

Before the detention, Raj Shekhawat had recorded a video from the airport. They stated, “I have come from Jaipur and I am sitting at Ahmedabad airport. The police have gathered outside.” They urged not to force them to resort to self-harm.

We won’t be stopped.

Raj Shekhawat further emphasized, “I have stated before the government and administration that if I and my community are obstructed from reaching Kamalam, then I will resort to self-immolation. So, don’t force me. We are making this request with anger. The path to Kamalam, which is our destination, is clear. We won’t encounter any obstacles. So, friends, let’s do as we said. This decisive battle is ours, and in this battle, we will achieve success. Your presence alone will lead us to victory, so let’s meet at Kamalam at 2 o’clock. Let’s see who wins.

If I have to become a martyr for the society, I am ready,” said Raj Shekhawat.

Yesterday, the state president of Karni Sena, Raj Shekhawat, made a video stating that he is heading towards the BJP state office at Kamalam in Gandhinagar. He is carrying saffron flags and strong sticks. He urged everyone to be present. “Why self-immolation? If the government or administration obstructs my community from reaching Kamalam, Raj Shekhawat will resort to self-immolation. Listen, government and administration… we are making our request. The decision for the entire Gujarat is being made here. All the management of the BJP’s Gujarat is from here. And my demand is to cancel the ticket of Purushottam Rupala from Rajkot. The decision to withdraw the demand for a large number of us to come is also to be made from Kamalam. If there is any obstacle, preparations for self-immolation are ready for me.

So be ready to suffer the consequences for the rest of your life,” said Raj Shekhawat.

Raj Shekhawat further stated, “If I have to become a martyr for the society, I am prepared. But remember, BJP government, if you compel Raj Shekhawat to become a martyr for your actions, you will regret it for the rest of your life. The Kshatriya community will not forgive you. That’s why I am not attempting to stop my Kshatriya community. Let us reach Kamalam and let our plea be heard for justice. Deliver justice immediately, that’s our plea. This is our last request to you. Friends, come to Kamalam in large numbers, and in this final battle for justice, let us all be present together and inscribe our names in golden letters in history. Come in large numbers. Let us demonstrate the power of unity of society on Kamalam, and let us achieve success in this battle of dignity and pride.

Niyati Rao

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