Rise of Remote Husbands: 38% of American Men Can Work Anywhere

Especially under agreements, remote husbanding is becoming increasingly popular among affluent and educated individuals in America. Among young couples, while wives go to offices, campuses, and hospitals in the morning, their husbands stay at home. It’s not that husbands stay at home to take care of household chores or children. Instead, they can do their work conveniently from home.

Overall, for men, it’s straightforward to work from wherever they desire. Currently, it’s been found in McKinsey’s survey that 38% of working men had the option to work remotely up to a long period. Meanwhile, over 50% of women express their inability to work remotely from the workplace.

The main reason for this is the participation of men and women in various fields. Mostly, men work in fields such as computer programming, engineering, architecture, business, etc. Due to this, their work can be easily done from anywhere. According to a report, about half or more of the people working in these fields work from home.

On the other hand, a large number of women are working in fields such as education, healthcare, nursing, etc. In such professions, their presence in the workplace is crucial. According to one survey, in the United States, 44% of women work in the field of education, 24% in healthcare, and 49% in nursing.

Positive experiences of working from home for men

According to a survey by McKinsey, 79% of men report having a positive experience working from home. Another survey found that 32% of men contribute more to household cleaning, and 34% help more in cooking.

Niyati Rao

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