Biden’s Security Breach: Car Collides in Convoy, Secret Agents Confront Driver with Drawn Pistol

The incident involving President Joe Biden’s security has come to light. A security breach occurred when President Biden’s convoy was unexpectedly approached by security personnel who surrounded the director of the convoy and pointed a gun at him. At the time, Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, was also present. Although there was no harm or threat to Biden and his wife, the security personnel remained vigilant, escorting the President to another vehicle and taking precautions.

President Biden’s Convoy Faced Unexpected Encounter

According to Reuters, on Sunday, Joe Biden’s convoy in Delaware was stopped just outside the headquarters of his campaign. Biden, who was traveling in a car within the convoy, was approximately 40 meters away on a parallel road when an SUV sedan abruptly intersected the convoy. This unexpected incident led to heightened alertness among security personnel, who swiftly moved the President to another car and escorted him away from the scene.

Silver-colored Car Involved in the Accident

The car involved in the incident was silver-colored, and the only identifiable information was the local number plate from Delaware. Following the accident, when security personnel surrounded the car, the driver raised his hands. President Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, remained unharmed, and there were no reported injuries or damage.

Biden Reaches Dinner Safely

White House officials stated that President Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, were not aware of the incident. In reality, while the campaign headquarters in Delaware delayed the convoy’s departure, President Joe Biden and his wife had dinner with staff outside the headquarters. Reporters questioned Biden about the loud noise heard suddenly, but he did not respond.

Security Personnel Surround Driver

When Biden’s convoy collided with a car in Wilmington, Delaware, security personnel quickly surrounded the driver. It is reported that the cars were moving parallel, and the collision occurred between Biden’s convoy car and the car in question. Following the incident, Biden’s security personnel surrounded the driver, who was seen with his hands raised, and a gun was pointed at him.

Biden Returns Home Safely

According to the White House, President Joe Biden left Wilmington around 8:07 PM and returned safely to Washington, D.C. The President responded to reporters’ questions a short time after the incident, and Secret Service agents took immediate action, checking the driver and securing the scene. The Secret Service made no immediate comments regarding the incident.

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