Ahmedabad-Orissa Youths Arrested: 16.9 kg Weed Seized Worth 1.69 Lakhs on Karodia Road

In Jalaramnagar-1, Karoliya, based on intelligence, the Special Operations Group (SOG) has arrested two individuals with a total of 16.9 kg of ganja, along with paraphernalia. The accused had connections to the region, and a thorough investigation has been initiated.

Ganja Seized with Immediate Arrests

According to SOG sources, the individuals resided on rent in the region. Upon receiving information about the sale of ganja, a raid was conducted based on the evidence of drug dealing. Two individuals were apprehended with ganja during the operation conducted by SOG, led by Sushant Kuresu Dora and local Bhavin Patil.

Drug Bust Creates Stir in Jalaramnagar-1

The drug raid in Jalaramnagar-1 created widespread chaos, drawing the curiosity of local residents. Salyadu Sushant Dora (R. Orissa) and Bhavin Patil (R. New Vasahat, Jashoda Nagar, Ahmedabad) were caught with ganja. Investigations have been initiated to determine who was involved in the sale of ganja within the city.

Massive Drug Seizure by Police

Significantly, the City Police’s PCB Branch seized approximately INR 38.44 lakhs worth of ganja from near Golden Chokdi earlier. Following this, the SOG seized another 17 kg of ganja based on the information obtained during the investigation. The police have confiscated ganja bundles and taken legal action against those involved.

Salyadu Sushant Books a Return Ticket

In the ongoing police investigation, it has been revealed that Salyadu Sushant, the supplier who arrived in Vadodara by train from Orissa in the morning, had gone to Bhavin Patil on Karoliya Road. The SOG team, which was already monitoring the SOG, raided Sushant’s residence and swiftly arrested both individuals.

Bhavin Patil Faces Charges in Maharashtra, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad’s Bhavin Patil faced charges in 2021 under the NDPS Act in the Ahmedabad DCP and the NCB. He is also accused of a shootout in Paldi, Ahmedabad, and has pending cases of violence in Maharashtra’s Palghar Police.

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