Surveillance on Ex-Cricketer Javed Miandad & Family, Dawood Ibrahim Poisoned by Unknown

Reports suggest that underworld mafia don Dawood Ibrahim has been admitted to a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. It is reported that Dawood was brought to a hospital in Karachi on Friday night, allegedly to provide him medical treatment. Following his admission, the entire family, including Dawood’s close associates and former cricketer Javed Miandad, has been under surveillance. Additionally, internet services have been restricted in Pakistan, and there is a ban on various social media platforms. However, details about Dawood’s health condition leading to his hospitalization remain undisclosed.

Dawood’s Hospital Entry Through a Secret Passage

Dawood Ibrahim has been admitted to a hospital in Karachi, and the circumstances surrounding his admission are described as delicate. Reports indicate that Dawood’s entry to the hospital was through a secret passage, emphasizing the high-security measures taken during his admission. Subsequently, a nighttime internet shutdown was enforced in Pakistan, and restrictions were imposed on social media websites. Pakistani journalists claim that these measures were taken due to the news of providing security clearance for Dawood Ibrahim on the internet. Despite the lack of confirmation regarding Dawood’s admission, there is ongoing speculation and discussion in Pakistan.

Reports of Dawood’s Admission Two Days Ago

There are reports indicating that Dawood Ibrahim was admitted to a hospital two days before. He is said to be kept under tight security within the hospital premises. Dawood is reportedly isolated on a floor accessible only to hospital officials and close family members. Efforts by the Mumbai Police to confirm Dawood’s admission and provide validation are ongoing. Earlier in January, Dawood’s sister Haseena Parkar’s son had informed the NIA (National Investigation Agency) that Dawood was residing in Karachi after his second marriage.

Dawood’s Concealment in Pakistan?

The NIA has claimed that Dawood, along with his close associates, is under surveillance at Karachi Airport. Pakistani journalist Arzu Kazmi stated that the sudden internet shutdown indicates an attempt to conceal something significant in Pakistan. He highlighted that the news has been extensively shared on Pakistani social media before the ban on internet services. Arzu Kazmi further expressed concerns that if the news of Dawood’s admission is true, it could mark the end of a major terrorist leader in Pakistan. He also suggested that the internet ban could be an attempt to halt Imran Khan’s supporters from rallying against the news. However, these speculations have not been substantiated so far.

Dawood’s Control at Karachi Airport

The NIA had previously stated that Dawood and his associates control Karachi Airport. Renowned Pakistani journalist Arzu Kazmi mentioned that the sudden internet shutdown may imply efforts to conceal something significant happening in Pakistan. He argued that the news had been widely shared on social media before the internet restrictions. Kazmi emphasized that the sudden internet ban raises many questions in Pakistan, especially considering the country’s usual functioning and the abrupt halt of internet services. The news of giving security clearance to Dawood Ibrahim on the internet, if true, could have led to a massive uproar in Pakistan.

Internet Shutdown Across Pakistan

During the ongoing crisis following Dawood’s news, information has emerged about a complete internet shutdown across Pakistan. Many people claim that this move is aimed at suppressing news about Dawood to prevent any violent incidents.

Imran’s Virtual Rally Might Be a Factor

Some government officials suggest that this blackout may be linked to the virtual rally of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, which could be a precautionary measure to prevent any violent incidents.

Atmosphere of Concern Among the People

The internet shutdown in Pakistan has created numerous challenges for the people. It is noteworthy that even before Imran’s rally, the internet had slowed down. There has been no official response from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) regarding the news blackout.

People Express Concerns on Social Media

On social media, people are expressing their concerns, claiming that shutting down the internet infringes on their rights. Social activists accuse the authorities of suppressing information rights, causing losses to hundreds of businesses.

Pakistan Media Raises Questions About Dawood’s Health

Even the Geo TV news discusses ongoing rumors on social media about underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, who is reported to be admitted to a hospital in Karachi after a serious medical condition. Unverified reports state that he has been in Karachi for many years.

Media Reports Indicate Social Media Server Down

Pakistani journalist Arzoo Kazmi posted a video on YouTube discussing the ongoing social media discussions. Some fear that the sudden shutdown of social media platforms like YouTube and Google servers could be linked to the Dawood news.

Dawood’s Company and Early Life

Dawood Ibrahim was born in December 1955 in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri district. His father, Ibrahim Kaskar, was a police constable. Later, Dawood’s family settled in Mumbai’s Dongri area. Dawood started his criminal activities in the Haji Mastan gang and later formed his own gang.

Mumbai Bombings Mastermind

Dawood Ibrahim is considered the mastermind behind the 1993 Mumbai serial bombings, resulting in the death of more than 250 people and injuries to thousands. After this incident, India declared Dawood the most wanted terrorist. He has been hiding in Pakistan for many years.

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