Tragic Incident in Delhi Metro: Woman Loses Life as Sari Gets Stuck in Gate, Slides on Platform, and Falls onto Tracks

Tragic Death of a Woman at Delhi Metro Station

A 35-year-old woman met with a tragic end when her saree got entangled in the gate of the Delhi Metro. The incident occurred at the Indralok Metro Station in Delhi. The woman, identified as Reena, was caught in the gate as the metro doors closed, and the train started moving.

Reena struggled and was dragged along the platform. Subsequently, she fell onto the tracks. She was rushed to Safdarjung Hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries on Saturday, December 16.

The incident took place on the Violet Line, as Reena was traveling from Nangloi to Mohan Nagar. According to media reports, she was attempting to board the metro with her child when the saree got caught in the metro gate, leading to the tragic sequence of events.

As of now, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has not made any official statements regarding the incident. The circumstances surrounding the incident are undoubtedly distressing, and investigations will likely focus on how such a tragic mishap could have occurred in the first place.

Tragic Death of Woman at Delhi Metro Station: Family Seeks Accountability

Reena, a 35-year-old woman, met with a fatal accident at the Indralok Metro Station in Delhi when her saree got entangled in the metro gate, leading to her being dragged and falling onto the tracks. Despite being rushed to Safdarjung Hospital, she succumbed to her injuries on December 16.

After the incident, Reena’s family faced difficulties in admitting her to three different hospitals, including Lok Nayak Hospital, before finally being admitted to Safdarjung Hospital. Doctors reported severe injuries, including fractures and respiratory distress, indicating a critical condition upon arrival. Reena’s family has raised concerns about the delay in admitting her to the hospital and is seeking accountability.

Reena’s tragic death has left her two children, aged 10 and 12, orphaned, as her husband had passed away in 2014. The family, now facing the responsibility of caring for the children, has requested financial assistance from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), emphasizing the need for support in raising the children.

The incident has sparked questions about the safety measures and response protocols within the Delhi Metro system, and further investigations may shed light on the circumstances that led to this unfortunate event.

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