Water Pipeline Burst Amid Road Construction in Junagadh Leads to Flooding Within 15 Days, Flooding Entire Area

In the expansion project of Junagadh’s Joshipura area, once again, a major breach occurred in the water pipeline as old roads were being demolished to pave the way for new ones. Along with the rupture in the water pipeline, there was a significant water leak, flooding the surrounding area. 

The intense heat exacerbated the situation, adding to the woes of the residents. The heavy traffic due to the ongoing road work also made it extremely challenging for commuters. Remarkably, within a span of just 15 days, this was the second incident of water pipeline breakage in the area amidst construction activities. Consequently, there was a severe disruption in the water supply. Opposition parties have raised concerns about the efficacy of the ongoing work.

Water Pipeline Breakage Due to Road Excavation in Junagadh

In the Joshipura area of Junagadh, the construction of new roads and the fitting work for gas pipelines and other lines necessitated the breaking of existing roads. Consequently, while creating new roads, a water pipeline was inadvertently damaged, leading to the leakage of thousands of liters of water onto the streets. 

Additionally, with the onset of the summer season, instances of waterlogging due to water pipeline ruptures in some areas have compounded the situation. Immediate repair of these lines is expected in the coming days, and attention will also be paid to ensuring that there is no disruption to the water distribution system, as stated by the chairman of the local standing committee.

Thousands of Liters of Water Spill Due to Pipeline Rupture

Thousands of Liters of Water Spill Due to Pipeline Rupture

Opposition corporator Lalit Pansara stated that roadwork has been underway on the Sardarpura main road for the past three months. During this work, the water pipeline running along the road was damaged and had to be repaired again. The road was being leveled using a road roller for laying concrete pavement stones. 

Today, the water pipeline broke again, resulting in the spillage of thousands of liters of water. People in the vicinity, witnessing repeated instances of pipeline ruptures, are understandably distressed. The municipal corporation is currently undertaking the repair work diligently. Notably, there is a girls’ hostel nearby, and the students are also facing inconvenience due to the road and water-related issues.

Road Damage Due to Gas Line Installation

Road Damage Due to Gas Line Installation

Haresh Parsana, the chairman of the standing committee, revealed that construction work is currently underway on the road leading from Sardarpura Main Road to the girls’ hostel. Today, an incident occurred where the old road collapsed due to the excavation of the underground gutter and gas line installation. 

The municipal corporation has initiated the road’s reconstruction. However, during the work on the gutter and gas pipeline, damage occurred to the water line, resulting in water leakage at the site. Consequently, the ongoing work in the area has been delayed. The water spillage is attributed to the damage caused to the water line due to road construction. Efforts are being made to resume work after addressing this issue.

Sardarpura Area Also Plagued by Distress

Sardarpura Area Also Plagued by Distress

In Sardarpura locality, road excavation has been ongoing for the past three months, causing inconvenience to residents. Recently, the road leading near the Sardarpura Girls’ Hostel has also been dug up for construction work. This has posed difficulties for students of grades 10 and 12 who need to travel for examinations. 

The entire road from Joshipura Junction to Sardarpura is undergoing excavation, affecting a population of over a million. Moreover, after the roads are dug up, no diversion routes have been provided, adding to the distress of those who have to endure inconvenience due to these ongoing construction activities.

Sardarpura Area

Businesses Shut Down, Residents Suffer in Sardarpura Area

For the past three months, residents in the Sardarpura area have been witnessing disruptions in their daily lives as road construction activities continue. Just three days ago, opposition corporator Lalit Pansara reported that the water lines on these roads have ruptured, leaving people without drinking water in their homes. 

The residents in this locality are facing significant challenges. Moreover, the sudden breakdown of streetlights due to damaged cables has added to their woes, resulting in dark streets at night. Roads leading from railway crossings towards Joshipura have been dug up, further exacerbating the situation. 

Despite three months passing, these roads have not yet been reconstructed. Even the roads near the Joshipura Girls’ Hostel have been dug up overnight, leaving the students perplexed and distressed. Additionally, vehicular accidents occur frequently during the night due to the absence of streetlights. The water line ruptures on these roads have left the residents astonished, as they continue to endure the inconvenience of living without water.

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