Remarkable Feat: 73-Year-Old Grandfather Devours 21 Laddus in 21 Minutes

In Rajkot, the Thir-Thir Ganpati Mahotsav is currently underway. This event, organized by the Bhajpa (Bharatiya Janata Party) in the city’s racetrack, includes various competitions. Yesterday, in the Bhajpa-organized Ganesh Mahotsav, a laddu-eating competition was held. In this competition, 73-year-old laddu enthusiast Govindbhai Lunagariya from Sarapdad consumed 21 laddus in 21 minutes and emerged as the winner. Govindbhai started by eating 5 laddus in the first 3 minutes and polished off the remaining 16 in the next 17 minutes. Each laddu weighed 100 grams, so he consumed a total of 2.1 kilograms of laddus. Interestingly, a female participant also won by eating 10 laddus.

Women Triumph as Preetiben Rupareliya Conquers the Field

According to available details, last year, Govindbhai had collected 23 laddus. This time, however, he emerged victorious once again. In the midst of stiff competition, another participant, Mavjibhai Oulkhiya, managed to consume a remarkable 13 laddus.

In the laddu-eating contest, Preetiben Rupareliya was the standout performer among women. She devoured 10 laddus to secure the top position. The laddu-eating competition, part of the festivities, featured laddus weighing 100 grams each, served with dal (lentils) and water. Qualification required eating 5 laddus within the first 5 minutes.

Mavjibhai Saada Consumes Thirteen Laddus to Secure Second Place

Subsequently, Mavjibhai Saada, who had been trailing, managed to consume a total of thirteen laddus. This put him ahead of Sarapdad’s Govindbhai, who, despite eating two laddus less than his previous year’s record of 23, emerged as the winner.

In the third position, we find Rameshbhai Panchani and Kamlesh Chauhan, who also managed to eat 13 laddus but couldn’t secure victory. Among the women, Preetiben Rupareliya devoured 10 laddus, while Vaishaliben had approximately 7. A participant named Shradhaben Bavaliya consumed 11 laddus but unfortunately had to withdraw from the competition due to an upset stomach.

Laddu Competition Becomes the Center of Attraction Among Locals

This year, the Rajkot city BJP President, Mukesh Doshi, announced that Rajkot city alone hosts the annual Ganpati Mahotsav organized by the BJP. Amidst this, various cultural programs and competitions are held here daily. Among them, the special laddu-eating competition has become a center of attraction for the people. This competition was also organized here last year.

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