Massive Fire Breaks Out in Ankleshwar GIDC, Chaos Ensues as Blaze Spreads 5 Km, Fire Department Rushes

A packaging company in Ankleshwar GIDC is engulfed in a severe fire, causing panic and chaos within the premises. The fire has spread extensively, making it challenging for the firefighting team to gain control. Despite current efforts to contain the fire, complete control is expected to take some time.

Jain Packaging Company Faces Devastating Blaze in Ankleshwar GIDC

A horrifying fire has erupted in a Jain packaging company located in Ankleshwar GIDC. The blaze has taken a formidable shape, visible up to five kilometers away. The company, known for producing wooden pallets, has faced significant damage due to the fire. The firefighting teams from Ankleshwar and nearby Panoli have been actively working to bring the situation under control. The ferocious fire broke out earlier this morning.

Ongoing Efforts to Gain Control over the Fire

The Ankleshwar DPMC and Panoli DPMC fire tenders are diligently working to control the fire with water cannons. While the fire is currently under control, efforts are ongoing to achieve complete mastery over the situation. Additionally, the DISH team from GPCB has reached the site to assess the incident.

Other Companies Also Affected by the Blaze

In addition to the Jain packaging company, two other small companies in the vicinity have also been caught in the inferno. Today morning witnessed a rapid escalation of the devastating fire.

Fire Incident in Dahej Chemical Plant Raises Concerns

Recently, a fire incident occurred in a chemical reactor at a plant in Dahej, causing the entire facility to be engulfed in flames. The fire brigade team successfully controlled the situation, preventing any casualties. However, thorough investigations are underway to determine the cause of the fire.

Fire Breaks Out at Reliance Industries’ Jamnagar and Jamnagar Near Reliance Mall

A massive fire broke out two days ago at Reliance Industries’ major refinery near Jamnagar, Gujarat. The fire, with extensive repercussions, was visible from afar. Firefighting teams from Jamnagar and Rajkot rushed to the scene. Despite the intensity, no casualties were reported. The fire caused significant damage to the entire Reliance Mall, resulting in substantial financial losses.

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