Regretful Farmer: Caution Sending Kids Abroad | Missing 9 Gujaratis in France

Despite more than a year passing, there’s still no trace of the whereabouts of new Gujaratis who went missing on the Caribbean island of France. Their families and the Indian government remain clueless. These individuals hailed from North Gujarat. The last contact with their families was in February, and their current location remains a mystery. Meanwhile, in Gandhinagar, two families await anxiously, as one daughter seeks the other.

Dreams of Overseas Travel: A Farmer’s Sacrifices

“Think about sending your children abroad,” these words echo the sentiments of Balvantsinh, a farmer from Naradipur village in Gandhinagar district. This farmer invested everything for his son’s dream of going abroad, even as a possibility in farming. Despite toiling hard in agriculture, selling his land, searching for agents, and not holding back to fulfill his son’s dream, today, his concerns remain unresolved.

The Enigmatic Disappearance: A Family’s Desperate Search

Around 25 years old, Dhruv left Gujarat in January 2023. Speculations suggest he might have tried to enter the US with eight other Gujaratis, yet, couldn’t proceed beyond the Caribbean island of France. “I haven’t seen my son in a year. Haven’t even heard his voice,” says Manishaben, a resident of Saradhv village, located 7 kilometers away from Naradipur.

Seeking Legal Help Amidst Uncertainty

In a case involving nine missing individuals, Balvantsinh Vaghela from Naradipur revealed that investigations are underway, with legal proceedings initiated. The government is providing assistance. Two lawyers will head there as well. If the missing individuals are found, it would bring immense joy to their families. Each parent should consider sending their children abroad with caution.

Advocating Caution in Foreign Ventures: A Community’s Concerns

Balvantsinh emphasized that the Patel community is taking measures to reduce overseas travel. The community advocates for strict policies by the government in this regard. Whether sending them legally or finding alternative ways, the Patel community is taking every precaution.

Dingucha: The Epicenter

Nine Gujaratis relocated from Gandhinagar to Sabarkantha in North Gujarat. Dingucha village serves as the epicenter of illegal Entry. A 33-year-old, with a BCA degree, seeks employment in the software industry. Although considered a heavenly profession for software engineers in the USA, Manishaben mentions that her son left for France just two months ago.

Entry into the USA through Unauthorized Means

In December 2023, 66 Gujaratis returned to India from France’s Vatry Airport. They entered the USA via an unauthorized flight from Dubai to Nicaragua. Gujaratis and Punjabis were aboard the Legends Airlines flight. All passengers spent four nights at France’s airport, as the government didn’t permit them to proceed due to immigration concerns.

December: Return of 303 Travelers from France

In December, 303 travelers returned from France. However, some Gujaratis lost their lives in attempts to enter the US illegally. One such incident involved a family from Dingucha, whose member Mahendra Patel is the main accused in a case of illegal immigration and pigeon smuggling.

Encounter at the Caribbean Top

With no contact from one side of the family, police investigations are underway, and court proceedings are ongoing. Neither side of the family has received any information yet, leaving them in distress. Recently, the family was spotted at the Caribbean top under questionable circumstances related to illegal entry into the US, leading to their detention. Despite the Indian government’s efforts, no information has been provided by the French government.

Illegal Entry Case Unveiled

Despite families claiming their relatives went abroad, investigations reveal involvement in illegal entry cases. Recently, Chetnaben Rabari, wife of a missing individual, filed a complaint at Prantij police station in July, alleging her husband’s disappearance. Additionally, three other families have approached the High Court seeking government assistance. The ongoing case was brought before the family’s lawyers in December, highlighting the lack of cooperation from the French government.

Who’s Responsible for the Patel Family’s Fate?

Mahendra Baldev Patel, alias MD Patel, emerged as the primary accused in the Dingucha case as well as in another case. He had been working as the main agent in the Dingucha case and holds a significant position in this case too. When four members of the Dingucha family were found dead under suspicious circumstances, MD Patel was the one who facilitated their illegal entry into Canada.

Who is MD Patel?

MD Patel is a member of a well-known family in Dingucha. Surprisingly, MD Patel is the deceased’s brother. After the deaths of his brother and his family in the United States, MD fled from Dingucha. The SMC or CID is investigating the Dingucha case, and a woman named the wife of one of the missing individuals filed a case against MD Patel. It is also speculated that MD Patel may still be in the US and may have used a fake passport. Sources also suggest that MD Patel was involved in human trafficking.

Mystery Surrounding the Patel Family’s Demise

Amidst a minus 35-degree temperature at the Canada-US border, Jagdish Patel, along with his wife Vaishali and two children – Vihang and Dharmik – set out to cross the American border. Due to heavy snowfall, the Patel family members, along with four others from the group, were stranded under a snow blanket. When their bodies were discovered by border security police, suspicions arose regarding human trafficking racket involvement.

9 People Missing: High Court Cases

The Gujarat High Court received petitions from advocates Masum Shah and H.K. Dholakiya, representing Chief Judge Sunita Agrawal and Judge Anirudh Mayini, regarding the disappearance of nine individuals. It was alleged by the petitioner’s lawyer that these 9 individuals might be held in detention centers.

9 Individuals Reported Missing since February 3

According to the petitioners, these nine individuals went missing from Caribbean islands under French jurisdiction and were last seen on February 3, 2023. They were supposed to return but never did. They were believed to have traveled to Saint Martin island from the Commonwealth of Dominica. They might have been trapped on Caribbean islands or detained.

Possibility of Detention

The matter was brought before the Ministry of External Affairs of the Indian government and the Home Minister of the country. The Indian government attempted to ascertain their whereabouts. The latest information suggests that they might be stuck on Guadeloupe Island. The petitioner’s lawyer informed that the local government did not provide any information about the illegally detained individuals. There is a possibility that they could be held in detention centers. Permission is required to visit this place, which is a sensitive issue considering visa requirements to travel to France. We have some information at our disposal.

Urgent Visa to Obtain Quick Visa

The petitioner has hired a female advocate and a Paris-based advocate to represent them. There is a possibility for them to visit, which is why they need urgent visa assistance from the court. However, the court refused to issue visas for the visit. The petitioner accepted that they were traveling without visas to any neighboring country. Contact was also made with the police of the Dominican Republic.


  • January 2023: 9 Gujaratis embark on a trip to America.
  • February 3, 2023: 9 Gujaratis disappeared from Caribbean islands, heading towards Saint Martin island by boat.
  • August 19, 2023: Petition filed in the High Court.
  • August 24, 2023: High Court directed the Ministry of External Affairs to communicate, the Ministry of External Affairs informed about filing an affidavit on this matter.
  • September 18, 2023: The Government of India is trying to locate 9 missing individuals according to the request made during the High Court hearing. Discussions with foreign missions are ongoing. The Home Minister has also been informed about this. The possibility of being trapped on Caribbean expanses, talks with the French government, and the help of French authorities in Guadeloupe island to obtain information about the 9 missing individuals.
  • October 20, 2023: The Ministry of External Affairs has not placed the status report before the court, other countries have written letters besides.
  • December 13, 2023: The Ministry of External Affairs placed a status report before the court, but it was not adequate.
  • February 5, 2024: The court was informed that the local authority did not provide information about the missing people there, the court ordered to take more evidence.

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