Tech Company Co-founder Attacked Outside US Restaurant, Dies in Hospital After 5 Days

In Washington, the capital of the United States, an individual of Indian origin has met with an unfortunate demise. Vivek Taneja, aged 41, was found in critical condition outside a restaurant. He was taken to the hospital, where he passed away.

Police Investigation Initiated

The incident occurred on February 2nd. The police have now provided information related to this case.

Altercation Outside Restaurant Leads to Fatal Consequences

Police stated that an altercation occurred outside Vivek’s restaurant on February 2nd, resulting in a physical altercation between two individuals. Vivek was found in critical condition at the scene, with severe head injuries. He was transported to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries on February 7th.

Suspects Being Sought Based on CCTV Footage

The police are actively searching for suspects based on CCTV footage. A reward of INR 2,075,000 has been announced for information leading to their identification. The cause of the altercation remains unknown, and the police are conducting a thorough investigation. Vivek was a resident of Virginia and owned a tech company, but further details about him are not available.

Assault on Indian Student in Chicago

On February 4th, an Indian student was assaulted in Chicago. A video of the incident has surfaced, showing three assailants attacking the student, followed by a theft of his phone. The student sustained injuries from the assault.

Assistance Provided to Victim

Following the incident, several individuals, including Sayyed Mazhar Ali (a student), came forward to assist the victim. Ali stated, “He was just leaving to get food. I had bought food and was returning home. Then three people arrived and started following him. When they gathered, they attacked him. When people started gathering, they ran away after snatching my phone.”

Demise of Shreyas on February 2nd

Since January 2024, four Indian students – Shreyas Reddy, Neil Acharya, Vivek Saini, and Akul Dhawan – have been victims of homicide in the United States. Shreyas Reddy passed away in Ohio on February 2nd. The exact cause of his death remains undisclosed.

Condolences from Indian Diplomatic Mission in New York

Regarding Shreyas’s demise, the Indian Consulate in New York stated, “Shreyas Reddy was studying business at Benigar. His death is deeply saddening. The police are investigating the matter.”

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