Raids on Hair and Skin Clinics Unearth Crores in GST Tax Evasion

A team of GST (Goods and Services Tax) officials in Ahmedabad has initiated investigations into doctors involved in hair transplants and laser treatments. Over the past four days, the team has been conducting extensive inspections and operations on these unregistered medical procedures, leading to the discovery of numerous undisclosed transactions. Such investigations have begun in response to rampant tax evasion. These operations involve tracking the flow of funds and transactions related to unregistered medical treatments.

The GST department is creating a list of doctors based on data analysis, conducting simultaneous inspections at multiple locations in the city and across districts to ensure that tax evasion is effectively dealt with. Previously, tax theft involving the evasion of more than 3 crore rupees through these unregistered medical procedures was uncovered on a large scale in the state. These operations involve inspecting 10 to 15 clinics at once.

In these simultaneous operations, hair transplants and skin treatments were also scrutinized, and this service was not subject to GST. The GST department has been relentless in these operations, aiming to put a stop to crores worth of tax evasion, which has been continuing for four consecutive days.

Additionally, mobile phone shops are now under scrutiny by the GST department. Officers are not only investigating medical procedures but have also extended their investigations to these mobile accessory shops, revealing tax theft operations involving the sale of mobile accessories.

Niyati Rao

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