Asphalt Removal: Dr. Megha’s Team Rescues ‘Trinket Snake’ in Vadodara in 40 Minutes

A snake, locally known as the ‘Trinket Snake,’ was found injured on a road in Manjalpur area of the city. An ambulance was dispatched to the location immediately to rescue the snake. The snake had sustained injuries while crossing the road. Animal rescue volunteers from the Vishwamitri Township near Chimanbhai’s Wadi came to the scene and made efforts to save the snake’s life. Due to the critical condition of the snake, they contacted the 1962 Karuna Ambulance Helpline.

Team Rushes to the Scene

A stretch of road in Manjalpur, riddled with potholes and damage due to the monsoon, has seen several snakes appearing on the road. In this particular incident, a snake was spotted on the road, which could potentially harm someone. The animal rescue volunteers, who spotted the snake, rushed to the location and carefully relocated the snake away from the road. However, the condition of the snake was critical, so they slowly moved it further away from the road.

Wildlife Department Safely Releases the Snake

After thorough care, the snake made a complete recovery and was safely released by the Wildlife Department in a suitable location. The snake had safely and completely healed. After the snake’s complete recovery, it was released by the Wildlife Department in a safe environment.

Could Have Died Had It Not Been Rescued on Time

Volunteer Panchal informed that the snake was identified as a Trinket Snake, a venomous snake that could have caused harm if not handled properly. The snake was found on the road without any major injuries and, considering its current condition, it is healthy and active. If it hadn’t received timely help, the snake might have died.

Rescuing Various Animals

It’s worth noting that the Gujarat Animal Husbandry Department and I.M.A.R.A.I. Green Health Services have been operating Karuna Animal Ambulances in Vadodara city. These ambulances are used to carry out animal rescue operations for domestic and wild animals, contributing to the welfare of animals, including birds and wildlife.

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