Surat Overbridges Safety Alert: Two-Wheeler Prohibition on 14th-15th; Exemptions Apply for Certain Individuals

The Surat City Police Commissioner has taken a proactive stance on public safety in anticipation of Uttarayan Parva, issuing a crucial public safety announcement. A significant directive in this announcement is the temporary ban on two-wheelers accessing all overbridges, with the exception of those spanning the Tapi River, on the 14th and 15th of the month. Notably, two-wheeler drivers equipped with safety bars will be granted an exception to this restriction, enabling them to traverse overbridges during the specified period. 

The installation of safety bars is deemed a critical safety measure, and those complying with this requirement will be facilitated in their travel. In an effort to rigorously enforce this directive, strong police bandobus units will be strategically deployed at the entrances of overbridges, serving to halt motorists and ensure strict adherence to the temporary ban. This comprehensive safety plan aims to enhance public safety, minimize potential traffic disruptions, and create a secure environment for all citizens celebrating Uttarayan Parva. The Surat City Police Commissioner urges the cooperation and understanding of the community in adhering to these temporary restrictions, ensuring a safe and joyous celebration for all.

Ensuring Safety During Uttarayan Festival

Ensuring Safety During Uttarayan Festival: Surat City Police’s Protective Measures

During the festive occasion of Uttarayan, a time when the city comes alive with vibrant kites soaring in the sky, the Surat City Police has taken significant steps to ensure the safety of its residents. Unfortunately, in past years, incidents have been reported involving the use of kite strings causing harm, including the tragic incident of many individuals having their throats cut. These incidents have prompted the Surat City Police to institute protective measures every year.

In its ongoing commitment to public safety, the Surat City Police Commissioner has issued a special notification addressing the potential risks associated with the festival. One of the initial steps taken this year involves the temporary prohibition of two-wheeler drivers on all overbridges during January 14 and 15, coinciding with the Uttarayan festival.

Exemption Criteria for Two-Wheelers during Overbridge Ban

In light of the upcoming festival on January 14 and 15, the Surat City Police Commissioner has issued a crucial notification outlining specific measures to ensure public safety, particularly on overbridges excluding the Tapi river. According to the directive, only larger vehicles such as cars, tempos, and buses will be permitted on these overbridges during the specified dates, with a restriction imposed on two-wheeler drivers.

However, the police commissioner’s notification includes a notable exemption for two-wheeler drivers who have taken precautionary measures by installing a safety bar on the front of their bikes or mopeds to prevent potential harm from kite strings. This exemption recognizes the commitment of responsible riders who have proactively addressed safety concerns associated with the festival.

The decision to exempt two-wheeler drivers with safety bars reflects a balanced approach by the Surat City Police, acknowledging the importance of individual initiatives in fostering a safer environment. It encourages responsible behavior among two-wheeler riders and underscores the department’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding safety-conscious practices.

Stringent Policing Measures Implemented to Safeguard

Stringent Policing Measures Implemented to Safeguard Lives During Uttarayan Festival

In a determined effort to protect individuals from the hazards posed by cut kite strings during the upcoming Uttarayan festival on the 14th and 15th, the police have devised robust strategies to regulate traffic on overbridges. A heightened police presence is slated to be deployed at all prohibited overbridges, with an emphasis on preventing two-wheeler drivers from crossing during the specified dates.

The stringent measures underscore the gravity of the potential risks associated with the festival and the commitment of law enforcement to ensuring public safety. The proactive stance taken by the police aims to deter individuals from jeopardizing their lives by attempting to cross overbridges during the restricted period.

Police Undertake Special Campaign to Enhance Vehicle Safety During Festive Season

In a proactive move to prioritize public safety, the police in Surat have taken significant steps by installing safety rods on citizens’ vehicles. This initiative is part of a broader campaign aimed at ensuring the well-being of individuals during the festive season. Notably, the police have undertaken a special drive targeting motorists who have not equipped their motorcycles or bikes with safety bars, with a primary objective of preventing potential accidents and injuries caused by kite strings.

In the Pal area of Surat, a dedicated team, led by senior police officers, carried out this action on the roads, stopping motorists without safety bars. This decisive measure serves as a deterrent, reinforcing the importance of complying with safety regulations to prevent life-threatening incidents associated with the lethal cord used in kite flying.

Tragic Loss as Young Woman Succumbs to Kite String Injury

In a deeply distressing incident preceding the festive celebrations of Uttarayan, the unfortunate demise of a 22-year-old woman has been reported. The victim, identified as Dikshitaben Ghanshyambhai Thummar, a resident of Amrut Residency in Varachha, met with a tragic fate on the small Varachha Dhal bridge.

The incident unfolded as Dikshitaben was traversing the small Varachha bridge on her Activa from the main road. Shockingly, her life was cut short when a kite string inflicted a fatal injury to her throat. The sudden and unexpected nature of the incident caused her to fall from her Activa, resulting in her untimely death.

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