ST Bus Accident: Driver Loses Control, Collides with Shop Shed Near Kalol; Complaint Filed for Damages to Activa

Near the Indian Petrol Pump in Terasa, Kalol taluka, a welding and bedding work was being carried out in the shop of Aslamabhai Islambhai Luhar. Around 8:00 AM, while driving a bus, the steering control was lost, leading to the bus crashing into the shed of the shop and an Activa parked in the shed suffering damages. The incident was reported to the Kalol city police station, based on which legal action is being taken against the bus driver for the accident.

According to the complaint registered at the spot, Moshinbhai, the younger brother of the complainant, mentioned that due to the loss of control over the steering, the bus hit the shop’s shed, causing damage to the Activa parked inside. Based on this complaint, legal action is being taken against the bus driver for negligence leading to the accident. The incident did not cause harm to any passengers, and there were no reported injuries to any individuals.

Niyati Rao

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