Veraval Drugs Case: ATS Arrests Mastermind Isha’s Wife, Son & Son-in-Law; 10 Days Remand Granted, Accused Missing

The Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has made a significant breakthrough in the case involving a heroin smuggling operation linked to a Pakistani drug cartel. Recently, the ATS exposed a clandestine deal where heroin consignments were being delivered from the shores of Veraval in Gujarat to Delhi via the waters of Oman. 

Following a thorough investigation, the ATS apprehended the wife, son, and son-in-law of a mastermind involved in the Veraval Port drug racket. All three accused individuals were presented before the Veraval court, which approved a 10-day remand for further interrogation. It is alleged that these suspects collaborated with the Pakistani drug mafia to smuggle heroin from the shores of Oman into Gujarat and subsequently deliver it to Delhi through unlawful means. 

This incident comes five months after the initial uncovering of the smuggling operation by the ATS. However, despite the arrests, the heroin consignment itself has not yet been seized. The ongoing investigation underscores the challenges posed by transnational drug trafficking networks and the concerted efforts required to dismantle them effectively.

3 accused arrested in Jamnagar

Arrests Made in Jamnagar: Heroin Smuggling Network Uncovered

The Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has made significant strides in dismantling a heroin smuggling network operating in Jamnagar. Intelligence received by the ATS indicated the involvement of Isha Raw and her husband Tahira in heroin trafficking, with their son Arbaaz also implicated in the illicit trade. Presently, Isha Raw is residing in an African country. Investigations revealed that Hussain Raw, in September or October of last year, had facilitated the delivery of a substantial quantity of heroin from the shores of Muridke, Pakistan, into the Arabian Sea near Veraval aboard the boat ‘Hem Mallika-1’. 

This heroin consignment was then delivered, via the coastal areas of Veraval, to Isha Raw’s daughter Masuma and her fiancé Rizwan Node, who further transported it to Biawar, Rajasthan, through a car registered to Asif Samani, a resident of Jamnagar. Asif Samani later delivered this heroin consignment to an undisclosed Nigerian individual in Delhi’s Tilak Nagar area. The arrests highlight the intricate web of transnational drug trafficking and the collaborative efforts required to combat such criminal enterprises effectively.

Arrests Made in Jamnagar: Nigerian Individual Receives Heroin Delivery

Arrests Made in Jamnagar: Nigerian Individual Receives Heroin Delivery

According to Gujarat ATS investigations, in September 2023, Isha Hussain Raw from Jamnagar, along with a Pakistani individual named Muridke and Isha Raw’s wife Tahira, son Arbaaz, daughter Masuma, and Masuma’s fiancé Rizwan, were involved in a heroin smuggling operation. 

The heroin consignment was smuggled from the waters near Oman to the shores of Veraval, Gujarat, using the fishing boat ‘Hem Mallika-1’. This heroin shipment, amounting to 8 kilograms, was delivered to a Nigerian individual in Delhi’s Tilak Nagar area by Dharmendra God, aboard the boat, on October 16, 2023, at around 6:15 in the morning. The heroin consignment was offloaded near the shores of Veraval, Gujarat.

26.84 lakh accused in the sale of heroin,

Major Heroin Bust: 26.84 Million Rupees Worth of Heroin Seized, Multiple Arrests Made

In a significant crackdown on heroin smuggling, the authorities have seized heroin valued at 26.84 million rupees and arrested multiple suspects. According to reports, Isha Hussain Raw and others were involved in transporting the heroin through Rajasthan, from Abu Road to Biawar, using a secondary tunnel route adjacent to the main road. Subsequently, based on Isha Raw’s information, the heroin was transported in another car driven by Masuma and Rizwan, and Asif Samani delivered 8 kilograms of heroin to a Nigerian or South African individual in Delhi’s Tilak Nagar area. 

The proceeds from the heroin sale amounting to 26.84 million rupees were allegedly received by Isha Raw’s associates. All suspects have been booked under sections 8, 22, 23, and 29 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, and efforts are underway to apprehend them for further legal proceedings. Currently, three suspects have been apprehended and presented before the magistrate’s court for remand proceedings. This operation underscores the ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking and apprehend those involved in such illicit activities.

Profile of Arrested Suspects

Profile of Arrested Suspects

  • Tahira Isha Hussain Rao
  • Arbaaz Isha Rao Village
  • Rizwan Taib Nod

Wanted Suspects:

  • Isha Hussain Rao
  • Masuma Isha Hussain Rao
  • Asif Kara Jusabbhai Sama
  • Dharmendra Buddhilal God (Kashyap)
  • Murtuza whose full name is not known. who is a Pakistani citizen.
  • Nigerian or South African national whose name and address are not known

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