Mukesh Ambani Got Emotional Listening to Son’s Speech: ‘Endured Pain Like Thorns of Roses’, Parents Never Realized My Illness

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding function is being organized in Jamnagar. Yesterday, on the first day of the function, Mukesh Ambani welcomed guests from India and abroad with traditional greetings, saying “Namaste” and “Atithi Devo Bhava.” During his speech, he emotionally expressed that his father would be very happy today because his favorite grandson Anant’s wedding function is being held in his favorite place, Jamnagar. After his father’s speech, even Anant addressed the guests and family members. Tears welled up in Mukesh Ambani’s eyes as he heard his son’s words… Let’s find out what was in Anant’s 5-minute speech…

Thank You Mamma… This Is All Done by My Mom

Anant Ambani started his speech by saying, “Thank you mamma… This is all done by my mom.” For the last four months, my mom has been busy preparing for this function every day from 18 to 19 hours. I am very grateful to my mom. I am thankful to all the guests present here. If anyone faces any inconvenience because of us, please forgive both our families. We hope you will enjoy the next three days to the fullest. I am thankful to my parents, brother-sister-in-law, and sister’s in-laws. They have put in a lot of effort to make this event memorable for Radhika. My family has been tirelessly working on this event for the last two to three months.

Like Bearing the Thorns of a Rose

I am happy that I have shared my joy with all of you. There are no words to express this feeling. Many of you may think that my life has always been smooth like a rose, but it’s not true. Like bearing the thorns of a rose, I have endured sorrow. Health has always been a concern for me since childhood, but my parents have never made me feel that I am sick. They have always encouraged me. I am always grateful to them.

I Am 100% Lucky When I Talk to Radhika

Now, when I talk to Radhika… I am 100% lucky. I don’t know how I met Radhika. I am truly the luckiest person in the world. I have been with Radhika for the last seven years, but it still feels like I met her yesterday. I fall more in love with Radhika every day. When my sister (Isha Ambani) introduced me to Radhika, my heart felt an earthquake of love. Thank you, Radhika… Uncle Viren, Aunt Shaila, and Anjali-Aman… Thank you very much for welcoming me into your family with open arms. Thank you for your warm welcome over the last seven years.

Kokilamamma Is My Source of Inspiration

My grandmother Kokilamamma has also blessed me. Kokilamamma is from Jamnagar. Kokilamamma is my source of inspiration. I always draw inspiration from her. Whenever my grandfather blesses me, it gives me strength. My grandmother has taught me how to be religious. My grandmother proudly told me that she is a Nagar Brahmin. When I was young, I used to stay with my grandmother most of the time. She has taught me everything. Radhika’s grandmother is also here. Radhika has my grandfather’s blessings with her. They are very happy today.

Initiation of Wildlife Rescue in 2008

You will witness glimpses of wildlife in the next two days. I hope that wildlife will remain magical for us just as it does for you. When I was 10-12 years old, I started wildlife rescue in 2008. This became possible due to the support of my parents and family. My parents have always supported and taught me. I have worked for this society. My grandfather taught me to dream, and now that dream has become a reality. When you see wildlife enthusiasm next time, I won’t say much about it. I want you to experience the essence of wildlife. Now, I prefer to speak less. Now, my actions will speak louder.

I Grew Up with Anant: Radhika

Radhika said, “I grew up with Anant in Jamnagar. Here, our love blossomed. Today, we are heading towards a big milestone in our future, and it’s exciting that we chose Jamnagar.”


I Find Infinite Power in Anant

Mukesh Ambani once said, “Friends, now let me say two words about Anant and Radhika. In Sanskrit, Anant means endless, which has no end. I find infinite reservoirs of power in Anant. Whenever I see Anant, I see glimpses of my father Dhirubhai Ambani. He believed in ‘you can do it, you will do it, and nothing is impossible’, and this belief resonates in Anant. Radhika complements him with her idealistic energy. To be honest, Radhika means the most beloved of Lord Shri Krishna. Radhika and Anant, Anant and Radhika. It’s like God has made this perfect pair. My dear friends, guests, and family members, please remember that the three days of this festive activity are just the beginning of their journey.”

Jamnagar, My and My Father’s Workplace

When Anant is tied in the bonds of marriage, blessings will pour down on him from heaven. From heaven, my father Dhirubhai Ambani will shower his blessings on him. Today, my father will be very happy because his favorite grandson Anant’s wedding function is being held in his favorite place Jamnagar. Jamnagar is the workplace for my father.

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