Ants Found in Amul Gold Milk Packets Sold at Kuber Nagar, Ahmedabad: Company Responds After Complaint

Complaints regarding Ants found in dairy products occasionally come to light in Ahmedabad. These complaints include instances of Ants found even in branded items. Reports have emerged of Ants found in Amul milk from the Kubernagar area of the city. Local residents, particularly a young woman, had purchased three pouches of Amul Gold milk from a nearby Amul parlor. Upon pouring the milk at home, Ants were discovered. The company was informed via email about this issue. However, as of now, no action has been taken from their end except for a promised field visit after two to three days.

Ants Found in 2 Milk Pouches

During a conversation with Divya Bhaskar, a young woman residing in the Kubernagar area of the city revealed that today she had purchased three pouches of Amul Gold milk from a nearby Amul parlor. When she poured the milk at home, she found two Ants in one of the pouches. Concerned, she visited the Amul parlor to report the issue and was instructed to call on the complaint number provided by Amul. She was also advised to send an email regarding the matter. However, no response has been received yet from the company despite her initial email. Due to this, she has also lodged a complaint with the municipal corporation’s health department.

Demand for Compensation from Local Company

The issue of Ants found in Amul Gold milk was initially reported via email, but the company did not respond initially. Subsequently, a call was made to the company, and it was informed that a response would be provided within two to three days. On one hand, when there are senior citizens and young children at home, how can this milk be consumed safely? Hence, a demand for compensation has also been made from the local company. However, no response has been received from the company regarding this matter yet. The municipal corporation’s health department has also been approached to address this issue.

Food Safety Officer Summoned for Investigation

Regarding the incident of Ants found in Amul milk, the Food Department’s meeting of the Municipal Corporation, Dr. Bhavin Joshi stated that this matter is under our scrutiny. Currently, the Food Safety Officer has been summoned for investigation.

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