Security Guard Died in Car Driver’s Clash at Ahmedabad Society Gate, CCTV Captures Incident

Drivers in Gujarat are endangering lives. Yesterday, in Rajkot, a driver lost control of the steering and collided with a pedestrian near a shop’s pavement. A young woman was seriously injured, and a passerby lost his life amidst the chaos. This incident is not isolated; it’s becoming a trend in Ahmedabad too. A reckless driver hit a security guard’s car at the gate and fatally injured him at the scene.

Speeding Driver Causes Accidental Tragedy

According to reports, Mohit Kalma, residing in Indiranagar, lodged a complaint at the traffic police station. He reported that yesterday his cousin Om Kalma received a call informing him that his father had gone to work late at night and had met with an accident. It was revealed that his father, stationed at the main gate of Nilkanth Residence, was sitting on a chair outside the gate. Meanwhile, a speeding car driver, during the late-night hours, recklessly drove his vehicle and fatally hit Om Kalma’s uncle, Kishanbhai.

Driver Reach to the Police Station by Himself

Upon hearing this, the immediate complainant reached Nilkanth Residence and found that Om’s father, Kishanbhai, was lying there in a critical condition. Meanwhile, a speeding car driver was driving his car recklessly, hitting Kishanbhai severely on the chest, back, lower abdomen, lower part of the left eye, bottom of the left foot, and causing serious injuries to the body. The victim succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident. The reckless four-wheeler driver was taken to the traffic police station, where a complaint was registered against him by the complainant.

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