Foreign Woman Gang-Raped in Jharkhand Fields, Spanish Couple Attacked on India Trip

Late Friday night in Dumka, Jharkhand, a Spanish woman fell victim to a gang rape crime. The incident occurred during her visit to India on a tourist visa. The woman is 30 years old.

The woman was returning when the incident happened. After a late-night stroll, she and her husband decided to rest in the fields.They were subjected to physical violence and rape by 7-8 men.

Collective Crime in the Community

The investigation reveals the involvement of 7-8 young men from the Kormahat village in this collective crime. The police have arrested four individuals and initiated an inquiry into the case.

Spanish Couple Attacked

The couple, originally from Spain, had previously traveled to Pakistan and then Bangladesh before reaching Dumka in Jharkhand. While riding a bike in Dumka, they were attacked. They were en route to Bhagalpur but, during the night, the woman was gang raped, and the incident occurred in a secluded area before the Hansdiha Bazaar.

Police Discovers Woman’s Clothes in the Fields

Around 10:30 PM, the woman informed the police patrolling team about the incident. Subsequently, a search operation was initiated, leading to the discovery of the woman’s clothes in one of the fields. The health center confirms the occurrence of collective sexual assault.

BJP MP Calls for Immediate Change in Police Administration

BJP Member of Parliament Nishikant Dubey has raised questions about the case. He took to social media, stating, “An unfortunate incident of sexual assault on a Spanish tourist has occurred in the Dumka police station area. In the last 4 years, in every region of the Santhal Parganas, police officers have been posted without any training, encouraging murders, robberies, and assaults. Immediate changes in the police administration are necessary.”

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