Tragic Accident Near Raper Pass, 3 Bikes Collide, Death of Groom At Site, 5 Injured

A tragic incident occurred on the Raper road. This heartbreaking event took place in the Rapar taluka of the Vagad region. While traveling towards Vallabhipur village, three bikes collided head-on. Among them, Rajubhai Bachubhai Somani, a youth from Somani community, lost his life on the spot, just five days before his wedding.

Three-Bike Collision

According to available information about the incident, between 10 and 11 in the morning today, on the road about half a kilometer away from Vallabhipur village in the Rapar taluka, two bikes collided head-on. Shortly after this collision, another bike also collided with the bikes. The sudden loud noise echoed through the road, alarming the riders nearby.

One Dead, Five Injured

Approximately five people were injured in the incident, including a five-year-old child. Raju Somani, a 19-year-old, was on his way to Rapar to deliver wedding invitations when he tragically lost his life at the scene due to the severity of the accident. His 32-year-old brother Ramji Babu Somani, who was accompanying him, suffered serious head injuries and was rushed to Patan for immediate medical attention.

Wedding Held Five Days After Death

The wedding of Raju Somani was held on April 28th, just five days after the tragic incident. As part of the wedding rituals, today, the Ganesha Sthapana was performed at the bride’s house. Despite the sorrowful event, both families have moved forward together in the village of Vagad.

“My Brother Raju Was Heading to Distribute Kankotri”

The deceased Raju Somani’s brother informed that Raju was on his way to deliver wedding invitations in Rapar when the accident occurred. His wedding was scheduled for the 28th of April, but unfortunately, he lost his life on the way, just as he was going to Kankotri (a traditional ceremony involving delivering wedding invitations).

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