Unprecedented Victory: BJP Candidate Unopposed in Gujarat History; Shakti Singh Vows Supreme Court Challenge

The recent political drama unfolding at the Surat Lok Sabha meeting has come to an end as on Sunday afternoon, the election officer Dr. Saurabh Paraghi announced the rejection of Congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani’s form. Kumbhani’s representatives failed to appear before the election officer for verification, leading to the invalidation of the form. Furthermore, discrepancies were found in the forms submitted by three of Kumbhani’s agents, failing to match with the actual endorsements. Additionally, the absence of these agents during the verification process further complicated the matter. On the other hand, BJP candidate Mukesh Dalal has been disqualified from the Surat Lok Sabha meeting today as only seven out of eight candidates, including opposition parties, have successfully completed the form submission process.

Legal Team Investigates in Supreme Court

A legal team is currently investigating in the Supreme Court, closely monitoring all aspects. Shaktisingh Gohil stated that the legal team is vigilant across all fronts. Initially filing a petition in the High Court and then proceeding to the Supreme Court, the legal team is ensuring a thorough examination. Given the substantial merit involved, the battle is expected to be fought rigorously.

Democratic Murder Unveiled When Work Goes Against Assumptions

Mukesh Dalal expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and CR Patil, acknowledging their support. He dedicated his victory in India’s first Kamal in Surat city to their leadership. The victory for democracy has been achieved under a veil of uncertainty. While statements may be made, I am genuinely grateful to my voters and workers.

Timeline of Pyarelal’s Disappearance and Appearance

Between 2 and 3 in the afternoon, the forms of Nilesh Kumbhani and Suresh Padsala were announced to be rejected, as their respective agents failed to appear before the election commission. Prior to this, all three of Kumbhani’s agents and one of Padsala’s agents had filed complaints with the returning officer stating that the signatures on the forms were not theirs. Consequently, all Congress candidates were deemed ineligible. At 11 pm, BSP candidate Pyarelal disappeared, leading BSP chief Satish Sonawane to request police protection for Pyarelal, citing threats received from various numbers. At 12:30 am, Pyarelal reached out to the police commissioner requesting protection. On Monday, Pyarelal remained in contact until afternoon. Between 2 and 2:15 pm, Pyarelal suddenly appeared at the Surat Collector’s office and swiftly submitted his nomination affidavit.

Political Atmosphere Heats Up in Surat Lok Sabha Meeting

The rejection of the Congress candidate’s form and the subsequent lack of engagement from their agents heated up the political atmosphere at the Surat Lok Sabha meeting. Amidst this, another candidate intensified his campaign efforts. Pyarelal Bharati, nominated by the Bahujan Samaj Party, intensified his contact program. He was seen contacting key party members in Vadodara. Despite being surrounded by family and party members, no conversations took place until late afternoon. Notably, Pyarelal Bharati had requested police protection from the party chief. Yesterday, a letter was sent to the Surat Collector and police regarding this matter.

Eight Candidates Withdrawn from Contest After Repolling

The BJP candidate Mukesh Dalal, along with opposition parties, faced a challenge in the election as 8 candidates from smaller parties were present in the field. Even after Sunday’s repolling, initiated by the BJP, out of these 8 candidates, approximately 5 withdrew their nominations. Those 3 candidates who didn’t withdraw were also facing pressure to step down in some way. Today, the eighth candidate has also withdrawn the nomination form.

BJP’s Evidence Submitted on 2002 Supreme Court Verdict

Three contractors had filed a plea before the election officer Neilesh Kumbhani, alleging discrepancies in the nomination papers. They had requested an investigation into the contractors’ nominations. Sunday morning, in the ongoing hearing, BJP’s Mukesh Dalal submitted evidence regarding the 2002 Supreme Court verdict against Shaligram Shrivastav, stating that the Returning Officer has no power to conduct any cross-examination in any plea. This power rests with the court. The Returning Officer can only ask questions. In Kumbhani’s case as well, the Returning Officer had conducted primary questioning and given Kumbhani a day’s time. After this evidence, Neilesh Kumbhani’s nomination was also rejected by the election officer.

Surat Becomes the Talk of the Town, BJP Played Smart

For the last two days, Surat, along with the whole state, has been embroiled in political controversy between BJP and Congress. On Sunday, Congress candidate Kumbhani’s nomination was rejected. The biggest question was, if BJP had already secured Mukesh Dalal’s victory in the Surat meeting, why did the entire game still continue? The state president, C.R. Patil, in every meeting, is vehemently stating that each of the 26 candidates in the state should fight to win through a competitive lead. Even though the Congress’s nomination was withdrawn in hometown Surat, the target of winning more seats through a competitive lead has been achieved. However, adopting the policy of negotiation until Sunday night, Mukesh Dalal has also managed to get the nomination forms of 8 candidates from smaller parties withdrawn, even facing opposition.

Candidates Not Withdrawing Nomination Might Get 20-30 Thousand Votes

If any of the 8 candidates in front of Dalal do not withdraw their nomination forms today, Surat’s meeting will announce the country’s first ‘contest without a rival’. This issue will also create a new record and will remain a topic of discussion in Surat. If 50% of the votes are cast in the election, then after this vote, all votes could go to Mukesh Dalal. In this scenario, not only will he lead in the state but also break records in the country. Both of these cases play out in Surat’s discussions, hence this game has been played for this reason.

Stamps for Everyone in One Place

After the scrutiny of Nilesh Kumbhani’s form, Congress lawyer Babu Mangukiya informed that if no one has checked our nomination paper, how would people know that this is our nominee? Suppose our four contractors know this information, then stamps for all four contractors are made in one place. There are four affidavits before a notary. On one printer, all four types of writings are copies except for the name change. This indicates that this is a sponsored game, it’s a cover-up.

Confrontation of Public Anger in BJP Diary

It was further revealed that the four contractors had an affidavit near a notary. Those four contractors who had the affidavit made were investigated by Divya Bhaskar. The issue arises in front of Kiran Ghoghari, a lawyer by name. Kirankumar Ghoghari is an active leader of Surat city BJP and has also served as a senator and syndicate member in Veer Narmad South Gujarat University for BJP. Now, he has come under the BJP’s suspicion due to the anger of the people for the formality of the Congress candidate.

No Scent of Sponsorship Until Filling the Nomination Paper

Nilesh Kumbhani’s friend Ramesh Polara had also posted on social media consistently in favor of Nilesh Kumbhani’s publicity campaign. The video of the meeting of AAP and Congress alliance held on April 10 was shared on social media. So far, no scent of the Congress party has come to smell. They did not even think that they are partners in such a big conspiracy. When the nomination paper was filled out and the scrutiny was done, then the affidavit was submitted to the election officer and kept going underground. Now, everyone is curious to know who the three contractors are.

Know About BJP Candidate Mukesh Dalal

For the Lok Sabha election, BJP has nominated Mukesh Dalal after the Surat meeting. Darshana Jaradoshi had contested elections from the last three terms and had won. She has served as the Railway and Textile Minister in the central cabinet. But this time, the Bharatiya Janata Party has nominated Mukesh Dalal to copy Darshana Jaradoshi’s ticket. Mukesh Dalal is originally from Surat’s Modhavani society. The most important thing is that he holds double graduate and double postgraduate degrees. For the last 43 years, he has been serving as a worker in the Bharatiya Janata Party. Since June 1981, he has been in the BJP. After that, they have been on important positions in the youth morcha in the region. As a city businessman, he has been on various committees in the world. From the ward to the corporation, he has continuously been a corporator for three terms. For the last three years, he has been appointed as the chairman of the standing committee. He has also been the director of the former Surat People’s Bank.

Who is the Congress Candidate Nilesh Kumbhani of Surat?

This time, Congress had its eyes on Nilesh Kumbhani, a native of Amreli district in Saurashtra. Nilesh Kumbhani, associated with the construction business, is considered an unknown enemy in Congress. Despite many efforts to get his ticket, Nilesh Kumbhani remained active in the Congress. He was very active in the Patidar movement and at that time, his office had become the center of activities. Along with this, they have also been successful in defeating corporate candidates from BJP in Congress from 2015 to 2020. In the legislative assembly elections, his defeat came from the meeting of the Kamrej. However, both elections he lost, but Nilesh Kumbhani is a well-known name in Varachha Road, Katargam Extension. Along with being well-known in the Patidar community, they are also recognized in the Patidar society. However, Congress has now dropped its choice on them, only the Varachha voters are keeping in mind and their choice may be made by keeping in mind the Saurashtra voters, such political analysts believe.

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