Salman Khan House Firing: Accused Throws Revolver in Tapi River, Mumbai Crime Branch & Encounter Specialist Daya Nayak Deployed

In light of the information regarding the gunfire outside Salman Khan’s residence in Mumbai, the Mumbai Crime Branch has dispatched a team to Surat. The suspects, who allegedly fired outside Khan’s house and fled to Surat, have been reported to have been carrying revolvers. 

This development has prompted the involvement of Encounter Specialist Daya Nayak as part of the investigation. Currently, the Crime Branch team is conducting a search operation in the Tapi River area of Surat.

Possibility of Leads from Mumbai

Chirag Kordia, the Inspector General of the Border Range, has stated that the suspects in the Salman Khan case are believed to have fled from Kutch. While the Mumbai Police are currently conducting an investigation into the case, we are in contact with them. 

The ongoing investigation suggests that the suspects had come to hide in Kutch and may have concealed themselves extensively in the region. There is a possibility that leads have been received from Mumbai. Further details may emerge after our inquiries.

Search Operation Initiated in Tapi River

Search Operation Initiated in Tapi River

Following the incident of gunfire outside Salman Khan’s residence in Mumbai, the suspects arrived in Surat and allegedly disposed of their revolver in the Tapi River. To investigate this matter, a team from the Mumbai Crime Branch has reached Surat. 

The focus of the investigation is now on how the suspects disposed of the revolver in the Tapi River. Various teams are conducting checks in different areas along the Tapi River.

Route from Mumbai to Bhuj for Suspects

On April 14th, following the gunfire incident at Salman Khan’s residence, both suspects reportedly received information about their route and got their page from Kutch. After the incident, they both arrived at the Mount Mary Church area, close to where they had left the bike. From there, they hailed a rickshaw and reached the Bandra railway station. 

They boarded a Borivali-bound local train. However, they got off at the nearby Santacruz station. They then proceeded towards Vakola and eventually reached Borivali, where they boarded a taxi to Surat. 

However, the taxi driver didn’t have interstate permits, so they were dropped off near Chharoti toll plaza, where they were picked up by a private car and brought to Surat. They arrived at Surat station and boarded a train. During the journey towards Bhuj, while passing over the railway bridge near Ashvinikumar’s place in Surat, they disposed of the revolver into the river.

Casual Behavior Like Regular Travelers as They Reach Mother’s Abode

On April 15th, both suspects reached Bhuj. Upon arrival, they behaved like ordinary travelers at the temple premises of Mother’s abode, relaxing there. At this time, teams from Mumbai and West Kutch ATS swiftly apprehended them.

Two Suspects from Kutch Apprehended Swiftly

Following their capture in Kutch, the two suspects involved in the gunfire outside Salman Khan’s residence were immediately interrogated. 

Mumbai Crime Branch officials have stated that the motive of these suspects’ involvement in the shooting incident was not solely to intimidate the actor Salman Khan but rather to threaten him, not necessarily to cause harm. 

On the other side, the two apprehended suspects from Kutch had been in contact with another accomplice in Haryana, who has also been apprehended.

Summoned for Questioning: Seven Individuals from Various States

Approximately seven individuals from Haryana and other states were summoned for questioning. Sources confirmed that the Mumbai Crime Branch would record statements from these individuals as witnesses in the case related to the gunfire incident outside Salman Khan’s Bandra residence.

In this case, the Kutch Police had apprehended two suspects and handed over the investigation to the Mumbai Crime Branch for further inquiry. Subsequently, the Mumbai court released the two identified suspects, Vikki Gupta (24) from Bihar and Sagar Pal (21), after conducting medical examinations. They were released into the custody of the Mumbai Crime Branch until April 25th for further investigation.

Indication of Lawrence Bishnoi Gang’s Role

In another development related to this case, apprehended individuals from Haryana have raised suspicions. Police revealed on Wednesday that among the two apprehended suspects from Kutch, one of them has been consistently in contact with Anmol Bishnoi, the younger brother of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who is currently incarcerated. 

It has been indicated that the recruitment of both apprehended individuals is linked to the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Lawrence is currently held in Sabarmati Jail and is expected to be transferred to Mumbai. Further investigation into the activities of the apprehended individuals, Sagar Pal and Vikki Gupta, who were apprehended in Kutch, revealed their involvement and detailed conversations regarding their actions through internet calls.

Pal and Gupta's Escape to Kutch

Pal and Gupta’s Escape to Kutch

After the crime, Pal and Gupta fled to Kutch from Mumbai. After reaching near Surat, they changed the SIM card of the mobile phone they were using for communication. 

However, the police noticed that they consistently used the same number to make calls, which was noted during technical surveillance. Based on this information, the suspects were tracked down and apprehended in Haryana.

A police team has arrived with special equipment to find the revolver

Shooting Incident Outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment

On the morning of April 14th, gunfire erupted outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment in Bandra around 5:00 AM. Two assailants on a motorcycle fired four rounds during the incident. Fortunately, Salman was at home at the time of the shooting. Following the incident, security was increased outside his residence.

CCTV footage reveals that both suspects were wearing sports caps and carrying bags on their shoulders. The footage clearly shows them firing outside Salman’s residence. Khan had reportedly received threats of violence from the Lawrence-Goldie Brrar gang prior to the incident.

The police arrested both the accused from Kutch.

Responsible for Response: Lawrence’s Brother Issues Warning

Following the shooting incident, Lawrence’s brother, Anmol, took responsibility for the event in an online post. He warned Salman by releasing a trailer, which the police have yet to confirm. Lawrence is currently in jail facing allegations of several high-profile murders.

The identification of both suspects, Wiki Sahab Gupta and Sagar Shrijogendra Pal, both Bihar residents, has been made. 

The police have brought them to Mumbai for further investigation. It was revealed by the police that the gun used by both suspects in the firing incident was thrown into the Tapi River in Surat. The two suspects accused of firing with a pistol outside actor Salman Khan’s residence have been released on a 10-day police remand by a Mumbai court.

Bike Found Near Salman’s Residence

Police also seized a bike linked to the suspects, found just a kilometer away from Salman’s residence, near Mount Mary Church. 

According to the police, the bike was registered under the name of an individual residing in Panvel. The Assistant Police Commissioner of Panvel stated that the person had sold the two-wheeler a few days prior to the incident.

This post of Anmol went viral on social media

Firing with a 7.6 Caliber Gun

According to Mumbai police sources, the firing incident involved a 7.6 caliber gun. Forensic experts found a live cartridge at the scene. Police also seized a bike linked to the suspects.

Salman Lives Alone on the Ground Floor

Salman has been living with his family in this house for the past 40 years. His house is located on the ground floor of an apartment building.

He resides in a 1BHK L-shaped apartment alone. His parents live on the floor above, in a Galaxy apartment, which is eight floors up.

Threat to Salman by Lawrence in March 2023

In March 2023, Salman Khan received threats from Lawrence, prompting an increase in his security measures. Following the threat, the Maharashtra government provided him with Y+ category security.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) stated that Khan is on the hit list of ten individuals, including Lawrence, a gangster incarcerated in prison, who had threatened him with dire consequences. 

The community is still enraged over the incident of the blackbuck poaching case of 1998, during which Lawrence had threatened Salman in a televised interview.

Y+ Security Arrangement Following Threat

Y+ Security Arrangement Following Threat

After receiving threats, Salman Khan has been provided with Y+ category security, consisting of 11 personnel. Previously, he was accompanied by Maharashtra Police personnel, but after the threats, he was upgraded to Y+ security.

This security detail includes 11 personnel who accompany Salman Khan at all times, including one or two commandos and two PSOs. Two vehicles are always present, one leading and one trailing Salman Khan’s vehicle. Additionally, Salman’s car is completely bulletproof for his safety.

Instances of Threats Against Salman Khan

Multiple instances of threats have been reported against Salman Khan, indicating a concerning pattern of targeted intimidation. Here’s a chronological overview:

June 2022: First Threat by Unknown Sender

Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan, encountered an unsettling letter upon returning home from his morning walk. The letter contained a threat directed towards both him and Salman, warning of dire consequences. The message ominously stated, “Salman Khan, your situation will soon resemble a mouse’s.” Following this, Salim Khan promptly alerted the police, and a case was registered at the Bandra Police Station.

Last Year: Phone Threat from a Minor

In a disturbing turn of events, Mumbai Police received a call threatening Salman Khan’s life. Shockingly, the caller was revealed to be a minor, only sixteen years old. Identified as Rokibhai, the young perpetrator hails from Rajasthan. He explicitly stated his intention to harm Salman Khan and was promptly taken into custody by authorities.

Previous Year: Email Threats from Rajasthan

Residents of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, raised alarms after discovering suspicious activity related to Salman Khan. Three threatening emails were sent to Salman’s official email address, hinting at imminent danger upon his arrival in Jodhpur. The emails were traced back to Sidhu Moose Wala, who had obtained fake identification documents. Consequently, FIRs were lodged against both Rokibhai and Sidhu Moose Wala, marking a decisive response to these threats. The looming presence of the Lawrence Gang further compounds Salman Khan’s security concerns.

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