Fatal Late-Night Accident: Father and Daughter Killed, 25 Injured Workers Hospitalized After Pickup Van Overturns Near Botad

In a devastating incident, a pickup van carrying laborers towards Dhandhuka from Vinchhiya, overturned near the board of Khodiyar Temple in the vicinity of Kumbhara village, Botad. 

This unfortunate mishap resulted in the untimely demise of a father and his daughter at the scene of the accident, while around 20 to 25 injured individuals are currently being attended to at hospitals, with some in critical condition being rushed to hospitals in Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar for further treatment. The police have initiated an investigation at the accident site to ascertain the cause of this tragedy.

Many small children were also injured in this serious accident.

Fatal Accident Caused by Loss of Steering Control

Near the Kumbhara village, close to the Paliyad Police Station in Botad district, a tragic accident unfolded during the late hours of the night as a pickup van, loaded with workers from Vinchhiya, lost control and overturned. 

The driver’s loss of control over the steering wheel resulted in the vehicle flipping near the board of Khodiyar Temple, leading to the untimely demise of a young girl and a young man at the scene of the accident. Approximately 20 to 25 individuals were injured in this unfortunate incident.

All the injured were shifted for treatment

Kindness in Crisis: Kirtibhai Chavda’s Compassionate Response

In the aftermath of the tragic accident near Kumbhara village in Botad, which claimed the lives of several workers from Madhya Pradesh, Kirtibhai Chavda, renowned for his social activism, rushed to the scene and coordinated efforts to provide assistance and support. He actively engaged in arranging transportation and facilitating hospital admissions for the injured. 

The police also conducted an investigation into the incident. The solidarity shown by Kirtibhai Chavda and the community highlights the importance of collective empathy and support during times of crisis, especially towards migrant workers facing adversity far from home.


Extensive Care: Transported to Hospitals in Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar

The unfortunate incident near Khodiyar Temple’s board, close to Kumbhara village, resulted in the tragic loss of lives of a father and his daughter in the accident. Around 20-25 individuals were injured in the mishap. Immediate medical attention was provided to the injured, with many being transported to hospitals in Paliyad and subsequently to hospitals in Botad for treatment. 

However, due to the severity of injuries, three children and two individuals required further critical care, prompting their transfer to hospitals in Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad.

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