Tragedy Strikes: Two Families Devastated in Kalamukha Accident near Bakhalvad Village, Jasdan

In the vicinity of Bakhalvad village near Jasdan, tragedy struck in the dead of night as a car collided with a motorcycle, resulting in the tragic demise of an uncle and his two innocent nieces. The echoes of the fatal accident reverberated along the Rajkot-Bhavnagar highway during the night. 

The incident unfolded where the uncle and his four-year-old niece breathed their last. While the eight-year-old niece sustained severe head injuries and was rushed to the hospital for urgent medical attention, she succumbed to her injuries in the morning, plunging the family into deeper grief.

Ahmedabad is a passing car.

Double Tragedy Strikes: Uncle and One Niece Meet Untimely Demise, Another Succumbs in Hospital

As per the available details, Ajaybhai Sadasia (aged 30) was riding his motorcycle with his two nieces, Kinjal Ranchodbhai Olakia (aged 8) and Mahi Ranchodbhai Olakia (aged 4), seated on it, traveling from Bakhalvad village. Suddenly, a car collided with their motorcycle, throwing the uncle and both nieces onto the road. 

Tragically, Ajaybhai and Mahi lost their lives at the scene of the accident, while Kinjal suffered serious head injuries. She was rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention, where she breathed her last this morning, completing the heart-wrenching loss for the family.

The bike frame turned.

Family Rushes to the Scene: Tragic Aftermath Unfolds

In the wake of the accident, family members rushed to the scene upon hearing the news of the tragedy involving Ajaybhai and his two nieces. The site of the accident bore witness to the stark reality of their demise. Amidst the grief, the sight of Kinjal, barely conscious, prompted immediate action as she was swiftly transported to the hospital via an ambulance. 

However, even as the family gathered at the hospital, their anxiety and despair were palpable. Throughout the night, they oscillated between hope and despair, but alas, by morning, as Kinjal drew her final breath, the family was shattered emotionally, struggling to come to terms with the unfathomable loss.

File photo of deceased Ajaybhai.

Following the incident, the police swiftly responded, dispatching officers to the scene. Subsequently, the bodies of the deceased were transported to Rajkot Civil Hospital for post-mortem examinations, essential for the Prime Minister’s office. 

Once the post-mortems are completed, the bodies of all three victims will be handed over to their respective families. Presently, the police are actively engaged in gathering evidence and registering the case against the driver involved in the accident.

The front end of the Alto car has been damaged.

Investigation Launched into Ahmedabad-Registered Car Involved in Accident

An Alto car bearing the registration number GJ-01-HS-7937, registered in Ahmedabad, has come under scrutiny by the police following its involvement in the accident. Authorities are currently conducting an investigation to ascertain the ownership and details of the vehicle based on its registration number.

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