Maharashtra: Ashok Chavan Resigns from Congress, Speculation Rife on Joining BJP with 13 Leaders

Ashok Chavan, a stalwart leader in Maharashtra, tendered his resignation from the Congress party on Monday, relinquishing both his legislative assembly seat and his position as the Vidhan Sabha chief. This move by Chavan carries significant implications for the political landscape of Maharashtra.

Chavan’s resignation marks a noteworthy development, suggesting potential realignments within the political framework of the state. According to sources, Chavan could potentially join forces with 13 other prominent leaders in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), signaling a surge in political activities across Maharashtra.

Resignation Letter

The political climate in Maharashtra has been heating up, evident from the recent visits of Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, and BJP State President Ashish Shelar to the BJP headquarters. Meanwhile, Nana Patole, the president of the Maharashtra Congress, has embarked on a journey to Delhi amidst these developments.

Risky Situation at Congress State Legislative Meeting

According to sources briefed by Bhaskar, there is a possibility that 13 leaders, along with Ashok Chavan, may depart from the Congress party. If this scenario unfolds, it could potentially result in a significant depletion of Congress members in the Maharashtra state legislative assembly.

This development presents a precarious situation for the Congress party, as the potential exodus of these members could weaken its representation in the Maharashtra legislative assembly. Such a scenario underscores the challenges and internal strife faced by the Congress party in maintaining its political foothold in Maharashtra.

Fadnavis held a press conference in Mumbai on Monday.

Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis: Speculating on the Future Amidst Political Shifts

During a recent statement, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis urged observers to contemplate the future amidst ongoing political transitions. He indicated that many leaders from the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi (MVA) coalition are in communication with him, hinting at potential inclinations towards joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Fadnavis’s remarks come in the wake of resignations by prominent figures, including Milind Deora and former state minister Baba Siddiqui, from the Maharashtra Congress. This series of resignations underscores the significant churn within the Maharashtra Congress, as three major leaders have tendered their resignations within a span of one month.

Ashok Chavan Extends Birthday Wishes to Rahul Narwekar, Discussion of Potential Joining into BJP Arises

On Sunday, it was the birthday of Vidhan Sabha’s president, Rahul Narwekar. Ashok Chavan took this opportunity to extend his warm wishes to him. Sources indicate that during this interaction, discussions arose about Chavan potentially joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). At that time, Ashok Chavan mentioned that he wished Narwekar good health and expressed his desire to meet him for further discussion. There is also speculation that Ashok Chavan might secure a position in the state legislative assembly through the BJP quota.

After Deshmukh’s Resignation, Chavan Became Chief Minister

From December 2008 to November 2010, Ashok Chavan served as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He assumed this position after Vilasrao Deshmukh was removed from the Chief Ministerial office following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in December 2008. Chavan handled various responsibilities during his tenure, including those related to the state’s culture, industries, and agriculture departments.

Ashok Chavan is the son of Shankar Rao Chavan, a former Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Their unique father-son duo marked the first instance in Maharashtra’s history where both father and son held the position of Chief Minister. Hailing from Nanded, they have also served as Members of Parliament and held positions within the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee.

Maharashtra Congress Faces Third Blow in a Month

Milind Deora Joins Shiv Sena Alliance (January 14)

In a series of significant developments within the Maharashtra Congress, the party faced yet another setback recently. Milind Deora, a prominent figure within the party, made headlines when he joined the Shiv Sena (Shinde faction) on January 14th. Milind, the son of veteran Congress leader Murli Deora, had previously hinted at his resignation through social media channels.

Milind Deora

In a heartfelt post on social media, Milind Deora announced the conclusion of a crucial chapter in his political journey. He tendered his resignation from the primary membership of the Congress party, marking the end of a 55-year-long association with the party, deeply intertwined with his family’s legacy.

Milind’s departure sparked discussions within political circles, with Congress MP Jairam Ramesh suggesting that the timing of his resignation was influenced by Prime Minister Modi’s decisions. Milind’s father, Murli Deora, held significant positions within the Congress party and was known for his camaraderie across party lines. Despite his cordial relations with various factions, Milind chose to part ways with the Congress, citing reasons akin to personal exploration and political realignment.

Baba Siddiqui Joins NCP After Exiting Congress (February 10th)

Baba Siddiqui Joins NCP After Exiting Congress (February 10th)

Baba Siddiqui, a former minister in Maharashtra, dealt another blow to the Congress by joining the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on February 10th. Siddiqui’s move to Mumbai Deputy CM Ajit Pawar and NCP Executive President Praful Patel, among other leaders. His resignation from Congress, coupled with his entry into the NCP, underscored a significant shift in his political allegiance. 

Reflecting on his decision, Siddiqui expressed disillusionment with how his efforts within the Congress were perceived, indicating a desire for substantial contributions to be recognized. As he forges ahead, his departure signals potential turbulence for the Congress party in Maharashtra.

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