Swami’s ‘Jai Pakistan’ Video Viral: ‘Sanatan Dharma Ki’ Before ‘Pakistan Ki’.., Reveals ‘I Was Just Testing’

In the vicinity of Rapar’s Chitrod Road, during the e-inauguration ceremony of the Prime Minister’s residence scheme on the premises of Shri Swaminarayan Gurukul about ten days ago, amidst chants of various names of gods and goddesses along with ‘Jai Bharat Mata’, the audience was prompted to echo ‘Jai’. Eventually, Swami uttered ‘Pakistan’ instead, leading to a sudden silence in the assembly hall for a moment. Swami emphasized that if you are eating Indian grains, residing on Indian soil, then why do you feel no shame in chanting Pakistan’s victory? Undoubtedly, the video snippet capturing Swami’s patriotic fervor has now gone viral on social media, leaving a lingering controversy in its wake.

‘Pakistan Zindabad’ Video Goes Viral

Near Rapar’s Swaminarayan Gurukul grounds during the inauguration ceremony of the PM Modi housing scheme, Swami K.P. from Rapar Gurukul first chanted ‘Jai Bharat Mata’, ‘Sanatan Dharma Ki’, ‘Hindu Rashtra Ki’, ‘Gaay Mata Ki’, ‘Krishna Bhagwan Ki’, ‘Ramchandra Bhagwan Ki’, and then ‘Pakistan Ki’… Upon hearing ‘Pakistan’, the crowd that was chanting ‘Jai’ in sequence was stunned and immediately switched to chanting ‘Jai’ once again. Swami immediately reprimanded the devotees asking, “How can you chant victory to Pakistan when you belong to Hindustan?”

Somebody Has Defamed Me by Editing the Video

Somebody Has Defamed Me by Editing the Video

Discussing the matter with K.P. Swami from Rapar Gurukul, he expressed condemnation regarding the entire incident, stating that during the housing inauguration ceremony, how much alert the people of Rashtrapati Bhavan were, with such sentiments, I was chanting ‘Jai’, but my sentiment was not wrong, which is that if you belong to the country, why are you chanting victory to Pakistan? I said. Somebody has defamed me by editing the video. The video is incomplete, in the complete video, I am only talking about patriotism.

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