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Viva Money Grants Inaugural Credit Line: Digital Lender’s Milestone

Viva Money, a digital financial lending platform, has initiated loan disbursement through its seamless mobile application. This venture aims to modernize the borrowing experience for Dhiraan. It has commenced its first phase in two states, Gujarat and Karnataka.

Simplifying Loan Processes for Repeat Customers

Viva Money ensures a hassle-free process for repeat customers seeking credit lines. The application process through the Viva Money app is streamlined, with approval granted within a short span of time, typically within 15 minutes. Ranging from ₹5,000 to ₹2,00,000, approved loans can be transferred to the client’s bank account either partially or in full. Moreover, borrowers can enjoy an interest-free grace period of up to 51 days, adding significant value in the current borrowing landscape.

Pioneering Financial Services: A Visionary Approach

Vishal Jain, Marketing Manager of Viva Money, expressed the company’s commitment to revolutionizing personal financial services. He stated, “We take pride in offering a customer-centric financial lending platform where essential financial services are just a click away. Our focus is swift, high-quality service delivery and creating a community of preferred borrowers. We believe that the interest-free grace period will greatly benefit our customers.”

Striving for Excellence in Financial Inclusion

Viva Money is poised to make a mark on India’s digital lending landscape by emphasizing adaptability and meeting customer demands. With its platform’s cutting-edge technology and reliable financial services, it aims to be the top choice for efficient and trustworthy financial solutions, catering to the dynamic world of digital finance.

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