Patidar Community Team Combats Marriage Fraud: Global Data Bank Initiative

There is a growing trend in the Patidar community to marry youngsters settled abroad. After marrying NRIs, young women experience a new world on foreign soil, which often leads to cultural adjustments and challenges. Hitesh Patel, the leading figure in the community, revealed that more than 10 such cases have emerged in the Patidar community within a year.

Initiatives to Address Challenges Faced by Young Couples Settled Abroad

To address such issues and maintain communication with members settled abroad, initiatives have been launched to gather information about unmarried youngsters in every country, including the USA and UK. This aims to provide accurate information to community members and resolve post-marriage challenges faced abroad. For this purpose, a committee will be formed comprising representatives from the entire Patidar community of central Gujarat.

Insights into the Emotional Impact of Marrying Abroad

Hitesh Patel stated that while group weddings and matchmaking events were common in the Patidar community, marrying abroad is now becoming popular. However, despite the apparent advantages, it’s essential for families to thoroughly check all information before finalizing marriages abroad.

Importance of Pre-Wedding Photos Discussed

During a recent community event organized in Vadodara by the southern division of the Patidar community, Kotaria Swami Vallabh Swami made an important announcement addressing unmarried young couples. He stated, “No pre-wedding photography should be conducted.” Hitesh Patel emphasized that such practices are not appropriate under the guise of pre-wedding rituals, encouraging youth to understand the sanctity of their actions.

Appeal to Bring Awareness among Affluent Families

Community leaders emphasized that addiction-related issues often lead to destruction and are prevalent within the Patidar community. They expressed concern that the community has forgotten its values amidst lavish weddings and extravagant celebrations. True affluence, they argued, lies in bringing positive change within the community.

Emotional Struggles of Parents of Daughters Settled Abroad

A daughter from a family living in the city had married a young man settled abroad. Upon learning about her daughter’s marriage, the parents were deeply distressed, especially as they discovered the challenges she faced and the habits of her husband. Many daughters confidently tell their parents to call them back to their homeland when they face challenges after marrying foreign men. This incident deeply affected the parents of the daughter.

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