Gabbar Parikrama Mahotsav Starts Today: Auspicious Start in Ambaji

Today marks the auspicious beginning of the pilgrimage circuit of the Ambaji Shakti Peeth Gabbar, a revered site embedded with one of the 51 stone-carved Shakti Peeths globally. Hundreds of devotees from around the world will consecrate this journey, rendering it sanctified. The Ambaji Devasthan Trust, in conjunction with the Ambaji Development Board, has meticulously organized arrangements for devotees’ safety, overseen by diligent security measures by the district police.

Five-Day Celebration of Spiritual Devotion

Starting today, a five-day pilgrimage festival will unfold at the Ambaji Shakti Peeth Gabbar and other Shakti Peeths in the pilgrimage circuit. Scores of devotees will immerse themselves in darshan at the Shakti Peeths, where complimentary arrangements for transportation and meals have been made. Yajna, special worship rituals, along with medical and refreshment services, will be provided along the pilgrimage route.

Cultural Extravaganza Amidst Devotion

A cultural program, including Mahaaarti, will enrapture devotees with the essence of devotion. Policetantra will ensure special security arrangements for the safety of pilgrims arriving from distant locales.

Rituals and Devotional Activities

The first day of the pilgrimage will witness palanquin processions, conch sounds, Shakti yagna, and various religious ceremonies. Devotional groups will perform bhajans and satsangs, enhancing the spiritual ambiance. Garba performances and diverse cultural programs will adorn the pilgrimage journey.

Services and Offerings Along the Pilgrimage Path

On the pilgrimage route, Jay Jalaram Seva Camp will offer limited food services to pilgrims. The 51 Shakti Peeth Parikrama Mahotsav will commence at Ambaji Gabbar, covering temples numbered 16 to 25 in the complex, culminating at the Gabbar Mountain in Ambaji. Hiteshbhai Thakkar, a dedicated volunteer, highlighted that for the past three years, they have organized service camps at Ambaji Gabbar. This year, they anticipate increased participation and urge more devotees to avail themselves of the meal services. Over the past three years, the number of devotees congregating on the pilgrimage path has significantly increased.

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