Electric Activa Unveiled at CES with 280 km Range, Set to Rival Ola in E-Scooter Market

Japanese company Honda has been working on introducing the electric version of its popular scooter, Activa, in the United States since January 9, 2024. The Activa electric has been a long-anticipated addition to the company’s electric scooter lineup.

Activa Electric Set to Compete with Ola Electric in India

Honda Activa is the highest-selling scooter in the country. Currently, Ola Electric scooters dominate the local market in terms of popularity and sales. The Activa Electric is expected to compete directly with the Ola Electric scooters and is scheduled for launch in India in 2024. It boasts a range of 280 km on a single charge.

Glimpse of Activa Electric Revealed at Japan Mobility Show

Honda showcased a glimpse of its Activa Electric scooter at the Japan Mobility Show. While specific details about the scooter’s features have not been shared, some media reports suggest that it might retain certain design elements from the existing ICE models. The scooter is expected to come equipped with a digital touch screen infotainment system and mobile connectivity. Telescopic suspension may also be available.

Advanced Features in Activa Electric

The company has not yet disclosed detailed information about the Honda Activa Electric scooter. However, it is expected to come with advanced features such as a digital touch screen infotainment system and mobile connectivity. The telescopic suspension system may also enhance the scooter’s performance.

Another Scooter Launch with Swappable Battery Packs

To address the challenge of charging facilities for apartment dwellers without convenient charging options, Honda’s Activa Electric might introduce a solution. After the launch of the Activa Electric, Honda plans to introduce other electric scooters with swappable battery packs, providing an alternative charging solution for users facing difficulties in charging their electric vehicles.

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