Simple Energy Set to Debut Budget-Friendly Electric Scooter ‘Simple Dot One’ Under Rs 1 Lakh, Rivals Ola and Ather

Simple Energy is set to launch an electric scooter on December 15 to strengthen its electric scooter portfolio. Named “Simple.One,” the new scooter will be priced lower than the current Simple One model, with an expected cost of less than 1 lakh rupees. The exact pricing will be announced at the time of the official launch. The new electric scooter from Simple Energy is designed on the Simple One platform, offering notable differences from the company’s existing electric scooters. It will compete with other electric scooters in India, such as Ather 450S and Ola S1 Air. The company had trademarked “Simple Dot One” and “Dot One” in August.

Simple Dot One Features

Simple Energy has not disclosed specific details about the features of the Simple Dot One electric scooter. The Dot One electric scooter will be equipped with a 3.7 kWh capacity battery pack. The company claims that this electric vehicle will offer a range of 160 km (IDC) on a full charge. In real-world conditions, the scooter is expected to provide a range of 151 km. The unique design of the Dot One includes tires that differ from the regular ones, enhancing performance. Additionally, it will feature over 30 liters of under-seat storage and a touchscreen instrument cluster. The scooter will be integrated with the Simple Energy application for smartphone connectivity.

Simple One – The Sole EV in the Company’s Portfolio

Simple One is the only electric scooter in Simple Energy’s current portfolio. The scooter was unveiled on August 15, 2021, and after two years, it was launched in May 2023 at a price of 1.45 lakh rupees. The delivery commenced in June 2023 in Bangalore. Simple One is available in six color options: Brazan Black, Namma Red, Azure Blue, Grace White, Brazan X, and Light X.

Simple Dot One Battery and Range

The Simple One scooter features a dual lithium-ion battery pack with a total capacity of 5 kWh, with one fixed and one swappable battery. The battery pack can be charged from 0 to 80% in 54 minutes using a 750-volt home charger. Simple Energy claims that the electric scooter provides a range of 212 km on a single charge. The motor generates 8.5 kW of power and 72 Nm of peak torque. The scooter can accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h in just 2.77 seconds.

Simple Dot One Features

The scooter boasts a 7-inch TFT display that can connect to a phone via Bluetooth. The display allows for navigation and music control. It offers four riding modes: Eco, Ride, Dash, and Sonic.

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