Swati Maliwal Assault Case: Police Take Bibhav to Mumbai; Kejriwal’s PA Allegedly Transfers Data And Format Data

On Tuesday, May 21, Delhi Police took accused Bibhav Kumar to Mumbai in connection with the assault case on Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal at her CM House. Police stated that before formatting the iPhone, Bibhav had transferred its data to someone or a device in Mumbai. That data is now being retrieved.

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) will investigate the assault case involving Swati Maliwal, Rajya Sabha MP of AAP, at the CM House. As per police sources, the SIT, led by North Delhi’s DCP Anjitha Chepyala, includes four Delhi police officers.

Inspector-ranked officers, including an officer from Civil Lines Police Station where the case was registered, are also part of the team. After conducting their investigation, the SIT will submit its report to senior officials.

To gather information about the incident that occurred on May 13, Delhi Police took Bibhav Kumar to the CM House on May 20. The police had cordoned off the area around the house. Bibhav Kumar is currently under Delhi Police remand until May 23. On May 18, Delhi Police had sought a seven-day custody of Bibhav but was granted only five days. Bibhav is accused of non-cooperation and assaulting Swati at her residence on May 13.

Swati-Bibhav Scene Recreation by Police

Accused Bibhav and victim Swati will participate in a scene recreation with the police. Delhi Police is analyzing input gathered from both parties about the incident. They have recorded answers to all their questions and are mapping out the sequence of events. Crime scene photographs are also being taken. Delhi Police had also visited Bibhav Kumar’s residence.

CCTV footage collected from CM House by Delhi Police

On May 19, Delhi Police visited CM Arvind Kejriwal’s residence regarding Swati Maliwal’s assault case. CCTV footage and DVR were collected. News agency ANI sources said police have doubts about the integrity of the CCTV footage. They haven’t obtained suitable footage for investigation yet. Experts will examine it.

Swati’s Statement: “Until yesterday, you were Lady Singham, today you’ve become BJP’s agent?”

On Monday night at 9:49 PM, Swati Maliwal posted on X, stating, “Delhi ministers have been trying to cover up corruption allegations against me, so I’ve pointed to the BJP. This FIR was filed in 2016, and later, both the CM and LG appointed me as the chairperson of the women’s commission twice. This case is completely false, and the High Court has stayed it for 1.5 years, acknowledging that no bribe was taken.”

Swati’s further statement: “Until I filed a complaint against Bibhav Kumar, I was considered AAP’s Lady Singham. Now, I’ve become BJP’s agent. When I revealed the truth, the troll army targeted me because I spoke the truth. I’ve been advising everyone in the party that if you have any evidence against Swati, send it, don’t leak it.”

Swati Maliwal further wrote: “By tweeting details of my car numbers, they are putting my life at risk. While it’s not a big deal, no one should feel insulted in the pursuit of power. When the truth comes out, you can’t even face your own family members. For every false accusation spread by your (AAP) party, I’ll take you to court.”

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