Fatal Accident: Youth Collides Between Two Buses at Rajkot ST Bus Port

On the morning of March 2nd, outside the Rajkot ST Bus Port, a 21-year-old youth met with a fatal accident. Bridgeish Solanki, a resident of Gondal’s Gundala village, was on his way to Dwarka. As he hurriedly crossed the entrance gate of the bus station, he was caught between two ST buses. The young man’s life was tragically lost at the scene of the accident as he was crushed between the buses. His body was dragged along the road by one of the buses.

Stern Action to Be Taken Against Negligence: B.B. Kalotra

B.B. Kalotra, the regional director of Rajkot ST Division, expressed deep sorrow over the loss of a life due to the collision of two ST buses today. He emphasized that strict action will be taken against anyone found negligent. The ST bus from Junagadh to Rajkot was entering the Central Bus Port on Dhebar Road this morning when a passenger was running towards it. At the same time, a Palitana-Rajkot route bus was also coming from behind. The collision between these two ST buses resulted in the passenger’s death at the scene of the incident.

Security Measures to Be Enhanced at All Gates

It was further announced that entry and exit gates of the ST bus will now be separate. Additionally, passengers are requested not to linger near the entry or exit gates to avoid such incidents. Immediate decisions will be made to install police checkposts for security purposes. The security arrangements will be strengthened to ensure the safety of passengers.

Urgent Measures Needed to Avoid Accidents Due to Sharp Turns

Since the construction of the Rajkot ST Bus Port, there have been difficulties in reversing the ST buses here. Previously, the bus station had more space, but now the modern bus port has limited space. Consequently, when buses enter the bus port on Dhebar Road, the drivers have to take sharp turns, increasing the bus’s speed and posing a serious risk of accidents. Therefore, immediate action by the ST department to take stern measures is crucial. Moreover, the absence of a police checkpost at the ST bus port poses a risk to passengers’ safety, necessitating the immediate establishment of a police checkpost.

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