SpiceJet Faces Legal Action for Serving Expired Milkshake to Passenger

A person residing in Bangalore was served an expired milkshake during a flight on a SpiceJet aircraft, which made him sick. Subsequently, the individual filed a complaint in the consumer court. The court has ordered the airline to pay a compensation of Rs. 60,000.

The incident dates back to June 20, 2023, when An Shrinivasamurthy was on a SpiceJet flight from Dubai to Mumbai. He had ordered an 80 ml milkshake.

Later, he noticed that the expiry date on the milkshake packet was June 18. He informed the court that after consuming the milkshake, he started feeling nauseous and vomited.

The complainant stated that due to illness, they incurred losses in their business. According to Shrinivasamurthy, due to the illness, they were unable to go outdoors for a week. Their business involves trading in green chilies, and due to being unable to travel, they incurred a loss of Rs. 22.1 lakh. Subsequently, they filed a complaint against the airlines in the consumer forum.

Shrinivasamurthy directed the managing director and four directors of the airline to provide relief for mental anguish and losses, including Rs. 1 lakh for mental distress, Rs. 9 lahks for medical expenses, Rs. 22.1 lahks for the loss of green chilies, Rs. 50,000 for travel expenses, and other relief.

The court found the airline guilty and issued a compensation order. However, the airline officials were not present during the proceedings. Later, it was revealed to the court that they were negligent. The court acknowledged that Shrinivasamurthy suffered losses in business. Although the claim for medical conditions cannot be substantiated without medical records, the court confirmed the compensation sought by Shrinivasamurthy.

In the order dated January 22, the court directed the airline to pay Rs. 25,000 for poor service, Rs. 25,000 for mental anguish, and Rs. 10,000 for litigation expenses. The airline will have to comply with the court’s order.

Rahul Sharma

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