Ajit Pawar Faction Recognized as Real NCP by Election Commission

The Election Commission stated that Ajit Pawar’s faction is the real NCP. The Election Commission also stated in its order that Sharad Pawar’s faction will be given a new name and symbol by February 7th. The Election Commission has issued a special order to give a new name to Sharad Pawar’s new political party, keeping in mind the elections to the Rajya Sabha.

In July 2023, Ajit joined the Maharashtra government with 40 NCP legislators and became Deputy CM in the coalition government. After Sharad’s rebellion, Ajit claimed that he has the majority in NCP, hence he has the right over the party’s name and symbol.

Ajit had filed an application in the Election Commission on June 30th, claiming the name and symbol of the NCP party. On the other hand, Sharad Pawar demanded the disqualification of 31 legislators, including 9 ministers, who were leaving the party.

Ajit had declared himself the president of the NCP.

In July 2023, Ajit Pawar had confronted Sharad Pawar. Ajit’s faction had claimed the party’s name and election symbol. With the support of 40 legislators, Ajit had also announced himself as the new president of the party. At the same time, Sharad Pawar’s faction had assured the Election Commission that there was no dispute within the party, although some individuals had left the party for their personal interests.

Ajit’s faction is now facing what?

According to the Election Commission, Ajit Pawar’s faction has the right to use the name and election symbol of the NCP.

The dispute had been ongoing for 6 months.

Ajit Pawar had been in dispute with his uncle Sharad Pawar over the real NCP for six months. In September 2023, Ajit Pawar had separated from Pawar’s NCP along with his supporter legislators and joined hands with the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance to form the government, where they became Deputy CMs. Sharad Pawar’s faction had approached the Election Commission in this matter and had declared Ajit as the real Shiv Sena, which the Election Commission has announced today.

According to the Election Commission’s statement, Sharad Pawar’s faction could not prove a majority in time, hence this decision has been taken in favor of Ajit Pawar’s faction. Considering the time limit for the elections for the 6 seats of the Rajya Sabha in Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar’s faction has been granted a special exemption to comply with the Election Commission’s Rule 39AA of the Conduct of Election Rules 1961. They have been given until February 7th to name the new party.

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