Mystery of Garvit and Nandini’s Death: Garvit’s Entry at 5 AM, Argument, and the Fatal Fall From 7th Floor

When Garvit and Nandini met in Mumbai, they became friends and eventually started living together. Both were famous on social media. Nandini used to live in the Rohil Residence Society in Bahadurgarh, Haryana. Garvit came to meet her on April 13th. He reached apartment number 701 on the 7th floor. An argument ensued between them, and Nandini’s body was found lying underneath. It wasn’t clear whether they had committed suicide or the argument had led to the fall.

Mystery Surrounds the Deaths

The deaths of YouTuber Garvit Singh Gairi and Nandini Kashyap have now become a mystery. There were no CCTV cameras in the society, nor did anyone witness them falling. The police are currently investigating with the help of a forensic team.

Sudden Departure

Garvit received a call and suddenly returned from Dehradun to Bahadurgarh. The whole incident began with a call he received on the night of April 12th. Police were seen investigating at the location where he received the call. Shortly after, Garvit Singh Gairi suddenly left for Bahadurgarh from Dehradun.

Dispute and Tragedy

The family members dropped Garvit at the bus stop. Then, around 5 in the morning on April 13th, Garvit arrived at Nandini’s flat. Shortly after, they started arguing. They went into a room, and the argument escalated.

Fatal Consequences

During the argument, they went to the balcony. In the flat where Nandini lived, there were four boys and a girl present. They banged the door, but no one opened it. The argument continued for a long time. Around 6 in the morning, both fell from the balcony, as heard by people around.

Eyewitness Account

After falling from the balcony around 6 in the morning, an elderly man saw them first. He was the first one to witness the incident.

Community Living and Tragedy

We reached the Rohil Residence Society in Sector 3 of Bahadurgarh, Haryana. There are more than 700 flats in the society, but currently, only about 200 are occupied. Here, we met a person who cleans cars in the society. He comes to the society every morning at 5. However, he refused to disclose his identity for security reasons.

Witness Testimony

A person stated, “I reached the society on Saturday morning. Around 6, I saw an elderly man and a young man and woman lying on the ground. When the elderly man raised an alarm, the security guard arrived at the scene. Both friends were lying on the ground. It seemed like the boy was breathing heavily. Both were immediately taken to the hospital. Both had suffered severe injuries. However, the young woman had no visible injuries on her head. When the boy’s legs and head were injured, it is possible that the boy either fell separately or fell with the girl because the girl was in a sitting position. She had suffered serious injuries to her back and abdomen, but the young woman had no visible injuries on her head.

Shocking Revelation in Society

Shaanu, a resident of Rohil Residence, shared, “We were all asleep when a friend came and told us that someone has committed suicide in the society. Then we learned that someone has jumped from the balcony. You know, in society, nobody interacts much with each other. Later, we heard that some YouTubers are staying here. It was one of them.”

People in the society said, “The railing is very low, both can fall anytime.”

A person living in the society said, “Because the railing in the balcony is low, both fell down. I reached the scene of the incident immediately. However, he denied saying this on camera.”

They say, “The railing of the Rohil Residence society’s flats is less than 3 feet. Both were young YouTubers and friends. It wasn’t a big deal between them. I feel during the argument, one pushed the other, leading both to fall down due to the low railing.”

Society’s vigilant office regarding this matter, there an official refused to talk about the case. It was said that if we say anything, our image will be tarnished.DCP stated, “Friends have informed that there used to be many arguments between them.”

DCP said, “In the initial investigation, it appears to be a case of suicide. No suspicion has been expressed by anyone in the family. Friends have informed that they used to argue with each other. In such a situation, it can be assumed that the accidental angle is more likely and both fell one after the other.”Both jumped together from the seventh floor, did something happen thereafter?

DCP Mayank Mishra says, “The police are investigating from all angles. Now anything can come up.We asked if both jumped from the seventh floor to commit suicide or if the girl was pushed up and thrown down later and then the boy jumped.

Regarding this information, we found no information from the police or any CCTV footage. To consolidate this information, we searched from the same place for videos. When Nandini’s Instagram account was searched, a reel uploaded almost two and a half months ago was found.This reel video was shot in the same balcony of Rohil Residence where Garvit and Nandini were lying below. In this video, Nandini is seen alone and she is making a reel on a song.

Expert’s Claim – Chance of Falling is Only 1 to 2%

Retired DSP Gajendra Singh claims, “It is evident from the photo that the height of the railing is slightly over four feet. In such a situation, the possibility of both falling underneath is very low. The chance of this happening is only 1 to 2% because if they had fallen due to a push or a collision, their bodies would have been much farther, but that’s not the case.”

Gajendra Singh also says, “You can also see in the photo that the boy fell first. His feet are on top of Nandini’s. He is in a sitting position. In such a position, there is a strong possibility of the boy jumping over Nandini. In this situation, after falling, he would have fallen completely and also hit his head.”

Gajendra Singh further adds, “It seems unlikely to me that the boy lifted the girl first and then threw her down and then jumped because it doesn’t seem plausible after seeing the photo. If the boy had jumped from behind, the girl’s back portion wouldn’t have been on his feet. In this situation, the possibility of the boy lifting the girl and then making a leap of 7 meters to jump is higher.”

The question then arises: if the girl wasn’t sensitive in her head or any other sensitive part, then how did her death occur afterward? Regarding this, Gajendra says, “If the boy had jumped over Nandini with a leap of seven meters, it would have been very difficult for her to survive because no serious injury seems apparent which could cause her death.”

“In such a situation, there is a possibility that when they were engaged in verbal argument, the enraged boy could have pressed her neck, leading to strangulation. After that, the boy could have jumped over her, both up and down.”

Gajendra continues, “If this had happened, then in the post-mortem report, it would be mentioned clearly that Nandini’s death was not due to an injury but due to strangulation.” Although he mentioned that he does not know about the post-mortem report.

“When we asked Haryana Police DSP Mayank Mishra about the post-mortem report, he said that both deaths occurred due to falling from height and this fact is also evident in the post-mortem report. Police are investigating all angles with great attention.”

Proud and Nandini Met 5 Years Ago in Mumbai

According to police sources, three days before the incident, Proud was at his home in Dehradun with his family. His father, Subedar Singh, is an ASI in Uttarakhand Police. Proud’s elder brother is also in UP Police. At the same time, Nandini Kashyap’s family also lives in Tapovan in Dehradun. The meeting of both took place 5 years ago in Mumbai. Both had come to Mumbai from Dehradun for acting. Later, they became friends.

Both worked in many web series besides short films. Nandini and her team had been living in flat number 701 of Rohil residence in Bahadurgarh for the last one and a half months. Nandini lived here with two girls and a total of 4 girls. Proud used to come here occasionally. He has a team with him who shoot videos together and make short films.

Both YouTubers have been quite popular on social media. Proud Singh has also appeared in a dance scene in a film by Gauri Shetty’s son Ahan Shetty. Proud also shared a video of this scene on his Facebook on December 3, 2021.

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