Fatal Night Incident: Drunk Driver Hits Group on Vadodara Bridge, Killing One Youth, Two Girl Injured

Late at night on the bridge at Akota Dandia Bazaar in Vadodara, an incident of hit-and-run occurred. Kalp, under the influence, caused a severe accident by hitting two pedestrians on the bridge. Two youths, a male and a female, sitting on the bridge’s side, were also hit. The male youth, who was studying for an MBA, succumbed to his injuries at the scene, while the other two females were rushed to the hospital for treatment. The incident caused an uproar among the locals. This accident recalled the recent accident at the ISKCON Bridge in Ahmedabad. Family members rushed to save Kalp, the driver responsible for the accident. It has been revealed that the deceased male youth, Parul, was also studying for an MBA at Parul University.

Narcotics Found in Car Bottle: ACP

ACP A.V. Katkad stated that narcotics were found in a car on the Akota Dandia Bazaar Bridge last night. A case has been registered regarding the incident under IPC Section 304. A plastic bottle filled with narcotics was found in the suspect’s car. Further investigation is underway, and a team from the FSL has been called to take samples of other small narcotic bottles. Depending on the results, appropriate action will be taken.

Arrest After Checkup

It has been reported that the driver was not under the influence initially, as per the primary investigation by the police. A blood sample has been taken for confirmation. Depending on the results, further action will be taken. Currently, police patrolling is ongoing. After the arrest, the accused will be produced before the court for trial.

Eyewitnesses’ Account

According to eyewitnesses, the driver was intoxicated. Even after the Ahmedabad incident, no speed checks were put in place. The incident that occurred on the previous night reminded people of the Ahmedabad accident. The driver was speeding and collided with two pedestrians on the bridge, flipping the car thrice, creating a scene reminiscent of a movie. Concerns about the driver’s intoxication were raised immediately. The driver’s car was found to have plastic bottles, raising suspicions of narcotics. Samples will be tested for confirmation.

Family Rushes to the Rescue

In this incident, the affected female lodged a complaint. 24-year-old Akash Rakeshbhai Chobla, studying for an MBA, lost his life at the accident scene. Besides Akash, two other females, Astha Parikh and Preeti Sharma, also suffered injuries and were rushed to the hospital for treatment. Kalp Kanak Pandya, the accused of the accident, and his fiancee’s whereabouts have been traced by the police. Further investigations are underway, with the police taking more stringent measures.

Concerns Over Drug-Laced Bottles in Cars

Regarding this incident, Akota PI V.G. Makwana stated that the driver has been apprehended. A plastic bottle containing narcotics was found in the car, raising concerns about drug-laced items being transported. Tests will be conducted, and if proven, appropriate action will be taken. The youth’s death occurred while he was studying for an MBA.

Bridge Spotting and Night Scenes

It’s noteworthy that accidents frequently occur at the Akota Dandia Bazaar Bridge in the city. By implementing traffic rules on the bridge and at entry and exit points, speeding drivers can be controlled effectively, thus preventing accidents. During the day, the bridge witnesses heavy traffic, while in the evening, people gather on the bridge to enjoy the city’s view. However, if drivers under the influence continue to lose balance and cause accidents, such incidents will keep occurring. When people are observed on the bridge by the police, such incidents are less likely to happen.

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